Tata Launches India’s 1st Ever CNG-Powered Truck In M&HCV Segment

India’s first ever CNG-powered truck has been launched recently by Tata Motors. This truck belongs to the medium and heavy commercial (M&HCV) vehicle segment in the 28- and 19-tonne nodes.

Tata Launches India's 1st Ever CNG-Powered Truck In M&HCV Segment

Currently, most truck manufacturers only offer CNG in the small and light commercial vehicle segments.

Read on to find out all the details about this CNG truck by Tata Motors!

Tata Motors Launches India’s First Ever CNG Powered Truck

Along with India’s first CNG truck, Tata Motors has also launched seven trucks in the intermediary and light commercial vehicle (I&LCV) segment. 

As per Girish Wagh, executive director of Tata Motors, ““We are doing a continuous TCO (total cost of operation) analysis for various ranges — whether it’s 500 km, 1,000 km or 2,000 km. Depending on a particular application, we should be ready with both LNG and CNG.”

In addition, as part of its net zero emission goals, the company is working on a variety of alternative fuel solutions, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, and bio-CNG. Because of its density, LNG works well as a long-term fuel. Wagh has stated that the CNG powertrain is easily adaptable to LNG and that Tata Motors is already working on it.

Tata Motors has introduced CNG-powered M&HCV trucks at a time when the price differential between diesel and CNG, which was as high as 40% until a year ago, has now narrowed to 20%. Even at the current price, CNG is a viable option for operators.

As per Wagh, “The movement towards zero-emission in CVs in the country will happen through natural gases. Therefore, we want to be prepared across the entire range.”

Will New CNG Truck Boost Tata’s Share Value?

Tata Motors’ share of the commercial vehicle market fell to 42.5 percent at the end of the June quarter of the current fiscal year, down from 45 percent at the end of FY22. The decline in the M&HCV segment was more pronounced, falling to 54.6 percent in Q1 of FY23 from 58.2 perceTatant at the end of FY22.

Tata Motors is hoping to create strong differentiation and recoup some market share it has lost in recent months with the launch of new advanced trucks that come with a plethora of high-end features, including the new-age Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

India’s commercial vehicles market is undergoing a steady recovery after two years of deterioration and these vehicles have been launched by the company at the perfect timing. 


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