Ather Beats Ola In Electric Scooter Sales; Hero Sells More Than 10,000 E-Scooters In 30 Days! (Top 5 EV Brands)

Electric vehicles, also known as EVs, sold at an all-time high in August. According to the government’s vehicle dashboard, 85, 911 EV registrations were made in the previous month.

Ather Beats Ola In Electric Scooter Sales; Hero Sells More Than 10,000 E-Scooters In 30 Days! (Top 5 EV Brands)

In July, 77,686 electric vehicles were sold. In August of last year, 29,127 electric vehicles were sold. Looking at this trend, we can see that EV sales increased 11% on a monthly basis and nearly threefold on a yearly basis.

Hero Electric

Hero Electric has emerged at the top of the EV market time and again. Hero Electric leads the country’s EV two-wheeler market, selling 8,474 vehicles in July, up from 6,504 in June. This year, it has sold 52,559 vehicles, indicating an increase in its vehicle sales. In addition to that, the electric vehicle manufacturer registered 13,022 electric scooters in India in March.


Second to Hero Electric is Okinawa, which sold 7,717 EV 2-wheelers in July as compared to 6,984 in June. The company has so far sold 54,835 EVs this year (till July 30). The EV maker ended March with 8,284 units delivered to its customers. Further hoping to end this year on a high with an aim to sell 50,000 units of Okhi-90 every year and an overall sales of 2 lakh units in the ongoing fiscal. Reports have stated that the company has recorded a 

Ather Energy

Ather Energy sold 6410 units last month, as compared to 2389 in July, which marks a significant jump. The company has also registered a growth of 297 per cent in August this year, as compared to last year.  


Last month, the company recorded sales of 6396 units, which is a great increase from 6319 units in July. During March, Ampere Vehicles, which manufactures EV models like Reo, Reo Elite, Magnus EX, Magnus Pro and Zeal, dropped to number four. The brand had delivered 6,338 units last month, which is a rise from 4,303 units sold in February this year.

Ola Electric

Ola Electric which has sold 45,698 vehicles to date this year, sold only 3,690 vehicles in August as compared to 5,891 vehicles in the month of June. 

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