This Gang Was Illegally Sending Indians’ Private Info To China Via Extortion Racket; These Apps Were Used

The Delhi Police has busted an alleged extortion racket that provided user databases of Indian nationals to servers based in Hong Kong and China.

This Gang Was Illegally Sending Private Info Of Indians To China Via Extortion Racket

The crackdown of this case involved six nationals and over 100 mobile applications were used to siphon money and details of users to the aforementioned countries.

The fraudsters were making use of multiple digital loan providing apps, targeting people and the Delhi Police had already received multiple cases of people from across the country committing suicides after being forced to pay huge sums of money in the degrees of lakhs for a small amount of loans taken by them in the Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 range.

Delhi Police Special Unit Busts Major Extortion Racket

The special unit of Delhi Police, Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations or IFSO has recently busted an extortion racket where data of Indian nationals were being sent to servers based in Hong Kong and China.

These were all the Chinese applications involved in promising instant digital loans and seeked malicious permissions from users, after getting which shared the personal information of these users, like their chats, contact lists, messages and images to servers based in China and Hong Kong.

These fraudsters were making use of over 100 applications hosted from Ali Baba servers and AWS servers, which even though were hosted in India do not comply with American companies, stated the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) KPS Malhotra.

The whole operation of exposing the case took around two months after which several raids were carried out in parts of Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Bihar.

22 people were arrested, of which six were nationals from China – Lynda, Akira, Zoya, Kobe Bryant, Luo Rong and Zixia Zhang.

The police recovered 9 laptops, 25 Hard disks, 51 mobile phones, and 19 debit cards from the raids conducted.

Apps Being Used in Extortion Case

The Delhi Police has listed the names of these mobile applications involved in the case.

Some of those are:

  • Raise cash app, 
  • PP money app, 
  • Rupees master app, 
  • Cash ray app, 
  • Mobipocket app,
  • Papa money app, 
  • Infinity cash app, 
  • Kredit mango app, 
  • Kredit marvel app, 
  • CB loan app, 
  • Cash advance app, 
  • HDB loan app, 
  • Cash tree app, 
  • RAw loan app, 
  • Minute cash app, 
  • Cash light app, 
  • Cash fish app, 
  • HD credit app, 
  • Rupees land app, 
  • Cash room app, 
  • Rupee loan app and 
  • Well Kredit app.

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