Amul Increases Price Of Milk By Rs 2/Litre Across India! Pay More For Amul Milk Now (Check New Price)

Milk and milk products sold by leading dairy giants Amul and Mother Dairy will become more expensive, starting Wednesday, Aug 17.

Amul Increases Price Of Milk By Rs 2/Litre Across India! Pay More For Amul Milk Now (Check New Price)

After Amul hiked the prices of its products, top competitor Mother Dairy too raised its prices by Rs 2/litre, coming under effect from Wednesday.

The dairy companies are raising their product prices for the second time this year.

Why Did Amul and Mother Dairy Increment Prices?

After hiking prices in February this year, leading giant Amul has undertaken another price hike, coming under effect from Aug 17, 2022.

Similarly, Mother Dairy took a price hike by Rs 2 per litre in the Delhi-NCR region in March, and has taken another hike, announced today and coming into effect Wednesday (Aug 17) onwards.

The dairy company sells over 30 lakh litres in a day in the Delhi-NCR market.

The company said that it was ‘compelled’ to raise prices of milk by Rs 2/L, starting Wednesday, and the price hike will be observed in all milk variants.

According to a PTI report, a Mother Dairy official said that the company has witnessed an increase in input costs in the last five months. 

“This price hike is being done due to an increase in an overall cost of operation and production of milk. The cattle feeding cost alone has increased to approximately 20% compared to last year. Considering the rise in input costs, our member unions have also increased farmers’ prices in the range of 8-9 per cent over the previous year,” said Amul in a statement.

Changed Prices After Price Hike


  • A packet of 500 ml Amul Gold will now cost Rs 31 from Rs 30,
  • 500 ml Amul Taaza will cost Rs 25 from Rs 24, 
  • 500 ml Amul Shakti will cost Rs 28 from Rs 27.

Mother Dairy

  • Full cream milk will cost Rs 61/L,
  • Toned milk will cost Rs 51/L,
  • Double toned milk at Rs 45/L,
  • Cow milk will be priced at Rs 53/L,
  • Bulk vended milk or token milk will cost Rs 48.

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