This Company Offers Rs 64 Lakh Minimum Salary: No Need To Come To Office, Ever!

Recently, a tweet from a credit card processing company’s CEO is creating quite a buzz. Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments announced about the jobs at his firm. 

This Company Offers Rs 64 Lakh Minimum Salary: No Need To Come To Office, Ever!
This Company Offers Rs 64 Lakh Minimum Salary: No Need To Come To Office, Ever!

His Bio on Twitter reads: “CEO just trying to stand up for the underdog”.

Work From Anywhere & Get a Salary of $80,000

He has claimed the minimum salary of his employees to be $80,000 (about Rs 64 lakh). He added that this shall include the ability from working anywhere as well as offers like full benefits, paid parental leave, etc. shall be given.

He said that the company received over 300 applicants per job. He said that “‘No one wants to work’ is a hell of a way of saying ‘companies won’t pay workers a fair wage and treat them with respect.'”

This tweet by him went viral and several Twitter users were impressed as they felt that the CEO respects his employees’ time and effort.

One user whose id is @MMDPDave wrote that “In the 80s I was $9-11 per hour as a cook in restaurants. We could afford an apartment on Captitol Hill, Seattle. Even with the minimum $13-15 these days a worker cannot afford rent. Thanks for showing employers that you can pay well and maintain profitability.”

There were others who took it with a pinch of salt and said that the proposition was “too perfect” and how could the CEO then be able to afford to work with such margins.

Different Reactions Received on Twitter

The user Craig Gorsuch (@craiggorsuch) said that “Seems too perfect an example. How old is said example? What do the P&L statements say about long term life of the business? Is the business still operational? Enquiring minds want to know details and effects of policies before deciding if the policy is ‘good’ or not”.

There was another user who questioned if his company could stand the test of time. He said that “Will check your status in two years. Most owners who attempt to lavish their employees find their cost of operation beyond affordable after just a few quarters, but hey maybe you exist in a market vacuum with no competition. Most people just expect too much for their low value skills.”

There were then other owners of small businesses who raised a few questions regarding what he would advise small companies on paying workers well. “Gosh I really like your mentality towards paying workers well, but it’s really hard for us smaller companies to get to this point. What advice would you have for owners of companies still finding their stride?”

While there were other users who said that just because he could afford to pay this much, does not mean every business can or should, as not necessarily every business is that profitable. He said “Your company can afford this, but many cannot,” commented Panthers Braves addict (@TomahawkClaw). “Don’t assume that every business that can’t find employees is low balling their applicants. It’s impressive that you can pay $80k, but you have a credit card processing company; this just goes to show how profitable your company is.”

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