Every Citizen In This State Will Get Digital Ration Cards By July, 2022!

Every Citizen In This State Will Get Digital Ration Cards By July, 2022!
Every Citizen In This State Will Get Digital Ration Cards By July, 2022!

Uttarakhand is the next state to begin transitioning from offline ration cards to online. 

Yes, the state will now be handing out digital ration cards by the end of July this year.

Read on to find out all the details about digital ration cards in Uttarakhand!

All Eligible Consumers In Uttarakhand Will Get Digital Ration Cards 

Uttarakhand’s consumers will be given digital ration cards by the end of this July, and this has been confirmed by the Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Minister Rekha Arya. She was responding to a starred question from Preetam Singh Panwar on the second day of the assembly session. 

In fact, till now, 12.58 lakh new digital ration cards have been issued to the beneficiaries in Uttarakhand. However, due to the lockdown that was imposed for the prevention of COVID, printing, and distribution of ration cards were stopped. 

A total of 13.46 lakh ration cards were expected to be made available till now. 

Digital Ration Cards: How Do They Work

She also stated that if there is a complaint about the distribution of digital ration cards, the responsible parties will be held accountable.

It was also stated that if a person’s ration card has been left out from being made online, he can complete the process through the District Supply Officer.

If a person’s card is approved, he will be given a ration from the government’s low-cost street shop.

Under the governments ‘?????? ?? ??-????? ?? ???’ campaign (‘No to ineligible-Yes to eligible’ campaign against bogus ration card holders) as many as 58,374 card holders have voluntarily surrendered their ration cards that were under primary family (38,873), antyodaya (4,820) and state state food schemes (14,681).

Individuals who have ration cards in violation of the National Food Security Scheme’s rules are giving them up voluntarily. This exam, he explained, is held every ten years. According to the central government’s study, steps will be done in the near future.

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