Govt Asks TV, Print Media, Online Media Not To Show Betting Advertisements

Govt Asks TV, Print Media, Online Media Not To Show Betting Advertisements
Govt Asks TV, Print Media, Online Media Not To Show Betting Advertisements

The government of India has issued an advisory to the media and asked it to avoid promoting online betting platforms. 

A lot of online and offline advertisements can be seen that promote online betting platforms.

Read on to find out why the government has issued this advisory.

Govt Issues Advisory Against Promotion Of Betting And Gambling Platforms

As per the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, betting and gambling is illegal in most parts of the country.  The advisory states, “Betting and gambling, illegal in most parts of the country, pose significant financial and socio-economic risk for the consumers, especially youth and children.”

However, there has been news that the India Govt. is right now framing guidelines, which can make sports betting as a legal activity in the country.

If that happens, then approximately Rs 9.6 lakh crore worth of sports betting would be legalised, which can bring in lakhs of crores in tax revenues. Sports Ministry has taken the initiative and is right now consulting with countries such as the UK, where sports betting is legal and generates a substantial amount of tax income for the Govt.

At present, only horse race betting is allowed in India, which attracts 28% GST. Although other forms of betting, for example, IPL betting is banned, people are anyways betting, and betting huge.

It also states that these adverts for internet betting have the effect of encouraging people to engage in this largely prohibited activity.

CBI To Investigate Cricket Batting

We previously reported that the CBI has launched an investigation into cricket betting which would influence the outcome of IPL matches, particularly the season held in the year 2019.

It is acting on “reliable” information that a network of individuals are influencing the match outcomes based on inputs received from Pakistan.

The Karnataka government has moved the Supreme Court after the state High Court revoked several provisions of the Karnataka Police Act.

Karnataka Home Minister, Araga Jnanendra said that they had amended the law due to reports that use of money for betting in online games had ruined large numbers of youth and their families.

It was also needed to maintain public order since cybercrime had reached epic proportions, with 28,000 cases in the last three years.

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