Mercedes Benz Launches Ultra-Luxurious Collectible Car Brand: Mythos (Check Full Details)

Mercedes Benz Launches Ultra-Luxurious Collectible Car Brand: Mythos (Check Full Details)
Mercedes Benz Launches Ultra-Luxurious Collectible Car Brand: Mythos (Check Full Details)

Mercedes-Benz has introduced Mythos, a dedicated brand for “highly exclusive collectible cars”.

Sales Not Good Enough

it will be available exclusively to Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts and car collectors.

This can be interpreted as an effort to boost top-end vehicle sales by 60 percent from 2019 to 2026.

The luxury carmaker said that Mythos will produce low-volume special vehicles for “the most dedicated enthusiasts and collectors of Mercedes-Benz”.


It can be compared to the line of collectible vehicles like Ferrari’s Monza line-up.

A preview image suggests that the first Mythos car will be an open-roof speedster based on the new Mercedes-AMG SL.

This will likely be positioned as a rival to similarly conceived creations from Aston Martin, Ferrari and McLaren.

In terms of Mercedes’ brand portfolio it is going to sit above Maybach.

Focus On Higher Margins

Mercedes CEO Ola Kallenius said that most luxury companies build themselves around one or two true icons.

But Mercedes-Benz is fortunate enough to have “multiple iconic products and brands” like the S-Class, the SL, the G-Class as well as the AMG and Maybach brands.

The company is targeting an operating margin of 14 percent by the middle of the decade.

It plans to achieve that by diverting 75 percent of its overall investments to development of these higher-margin cars.

Three Categories In Focus

It has prioritised the production of similar models throughout the ongoing supply-chain crisis, with a 30 percent uptick in demand for range-topping models.

Thanks to that, it managed to increase its revenue by 9 percent last year, even as production volumes dipped by 5 percent.

Mercedes-Benz will now direct its focus on three distinct categories – top-end luxury, core luxury and entry luxury.

Top-end luxury comprises all AMG and Maybach vehicles; the most expensive EQ-badged EVs; Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes GLS and Mercedes G-Class derivatives; and any limited-edition models.

Upcoming Plans

A lot hinges on the Maybach version of the new EQS SUV, which is set to arrive in dealerships in 2023.

Mercedes-Benz says that it is still pondering an expansion of the G family beyond today’s G-Class.

In 2024, it will launch an electric version of the luxurious 4×4, badged the EQG.

“Looking Up” Not Down

Core luxury to it means the higher-volume Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class models, the latter of which will enter a new generation next year and “point the way forward for the segment”.

This push towards more luxurious products has had significant implications for entry-level Mercedes-Benz models.

Kallenius alluded to the neglect stating that the brand would “rather be looking up than down”.

What’s Next

Mercedes-Benz will shorten its line-up of entry-level models from seven to four “while significantly elevating the technological substance of these products”.

It’s unclear exactly which models will be axed but a recent silhouette image hinted at a new entry-level four-door coupe in the mould of the CLA.

The German carmaker launched the 2022 C-Class this month, and the updated Mercedes-Maybach S 580 in March. 

It is now gearing up to launch the new GLC and the Mercedes-AMG C 43.

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