[Exclusive Interview] This EdTech Startup Offers 100% Job Guarantee! Accepts Fees Only After Job Is Secured

[Exclusive Interview] This EdTech Startup Offers 100% Job Guarantee! Accepts Fees Only After Job Is Secured
[Exclusive Interview] This EdTech Startup Offers 100% Job Guarantee! Accepts Fees Only After Job Is Secured

We recently spoke with Sahil Miglani, co-founder of Geekster, and asked him about the impact of online education, and how they are making a difference in this sector.

Here are the highlights:

1. How edtech startups have profoundly made education hassle-free ?

1. Students now have 24/7 access to learning resources, tutorials, and experienced educators all thanks to digital learning. Anyone with a smartphone and access to the Internet may learn new skills and improve on old ones from the comfort of their own homes. Because of this unique idea and initiative, Geekster is mentoring hundreds of students with the tech skills mainly on Full Stack Web Development. The online model was designed in a manner that it would skill aspirants on the courses that also hold potential demand in the market. This would enable them to get placed and provide the companies with the kind of talent that serves the purpose.On the similar lines, Geekster was started as an initiative towards bridging this skill gap and we take great pride when our students get successful.  

2.Overview of Geekster and its functioning

2. Geekster is an Ed-tech platform based in Gurgaon, Haryana, that specializes in giving quality technical education to applicants interested in pursuing a career in technology. The organization provides access to in-demand skill training taught by industry professionals. The platform strives to close the massive skill gap that arises as a result of the lack of resources, regional constraints, and, most crucially, the disparity between college education and industrial requirements. To address this, the firm provides free skill-based training on the newest technology, given by top industry specialistshailing from esteemed brands like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.Geekster does not charge a fee until the students learn and acquire employment, and they also provide the option of sharing only 20% of the monthly revenue after that. 

3. What are the expansion plans?

3. Geekster intends to increase its bandwidth by a 50% to enable 2,000 jobs in the next year and is currently developing several programmes to span the whole spectrum as well as a solid technological platform.

4.How many students have completed a course through Geekster and percentage of placement.

4.There are over 1000students currently enrolled in our programs and more than 200 hiring partners associated with the organization.200 students trained have already landed good placements.The platform guarantees that the students get placed before paying fees for the course. Currently Geekster is observing a placement percentage of above 90%.

5. What challenges are you facing in providing jobs during pandemics?

5. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the global labor economy, with many people losing their jobs and companies closing. However, we have association with over 200 companies, that actively seek well-trained workforce. Our students are upskilled through our courses in manner that they work as quality resources for the recruiters. This has resulted in over90% placement rate at Geekster, with many students getting multiple job offers.

6. How has Geekster grown till date?

6.Geekster has witnessed an increment in growth by 10x times in the last 9 months. The company has on boarded 200+ brands ranging from tech giants to global MNCs to top funded startups who are hiring the trained talent prepared by the company. Geekster imparts personal mentorship and live classes delivered by the instructors hailing from esteemed brands like Google, Amazon,

and Microsoft.

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