58,189 Gram Panchayats Will Get Free WiFi! Govt Will Transform These Villages Into ‘Smart Villages’

58,189 Gram Panchayats Will Get Free WiFi! Govt Will Transform These Villages Into 'Smart Villages'
58,189 Gram Panchayats Will Get Free WiFi! Govt Will Transform These Villages Into ‘Smart Villages’

On Thursday, the state government announced that free Wi-Fi facilities would soon be provided in all its 58,000 gram panchayats.

In each gram panchayat, a Gram Sachivalaya (village secretariats) will be established. This facility will be provided in a 50-metre radius of the same.

Additional Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar Singh has written to the Director, Panchayati Raj Department in order to firm up the plans regarding the setting up of WiFi facilities.

Transforming Panchayats into Smart Villages

The government on Thursday claimed that the proposal is a one of its kind initiative to transform 58,189 gram panchayats into “smart villages”. Hence it issued orders that this move would stimulate incite a boost to various “economic activity”, exploring “hidden potential” of villages and the residents.

Villagers, with the help of high speed internet facility through common service center, would get the benefit of several services related to documents, land records etc.

This move will also accentuate students as well as youth to make the maximum use of the facility for enhancing their skills.

Additional Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar Singh, told The Indian Express that “Many studies have shown that trustable high internet, especially free public Wi-Fi, opens up new economic activities, which might not have been envisioned in the past. Thus, it is the first such initiative across the country to provide all the gram panchayats this free Wi-Fi facility with the idea to unleash the hidden economic potential of that area as well as its people”.

Infrastructure Development & Appointment of Sahayaks

He said that 56,000 gram panchayats out of 58,000 gram panchayats in the state have the secretariat building. Out of these 56000, 41000 have established their computer system and regular internet.

He also added that for 56,000 gram panchayats, the appointment of Panchayat Sahayaks (assistants), who would assist the panchayat in operation of these services, has been done. The process for remaining is under way and in process.

On Thursday, orders have also been issued for the 600 gram panchayats, which were not able to find land, to allowing panchayats to purchase land for these panchayats.

According to the sources in the department, within a matter of 2 days, Expression of Interest would be invited from the companies and based on their participation.

The government would then float Request for Proposal for selection of players. These players would in turn provide these internet and Wi-Fi facility in each of these 58,000 gram panchayats in Uttar Pradesh.

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