Rising Covid Cases: Indian Startups, IT Companies Can Impose Work From Home Again

Rising Covid Cases: Indian Startups, IT Companies Can Impose Work From Home Again
Rising Covid Cases: Indian Startups, IT Companies Can Impose Work From Home Again

Even as coronavirus cases are increasing again in India, companies have decided to go with a wait-and-watch approach on ending the work-from-home model and calling employees to work from the  office. The companies had been encouraging the staff to join the office physically; but now that Covid-19 cases are increasing again, the firms are watching the situation closely and waiting for the government’s instructions.

Mandatory work-from-home may become a reality again

Almost all companies are now telling their staff about the possibility of having to mandatorily work-from-home for the next few weeks due to the evolving Covid-19 situation. Companies across various sectors are going back to the hybrid model of work.

Various companies’ response to the current situation

In an email sent to all its employees on 19th April, Zomato co-founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal said that the current spike in cases might be due to “a new variant altogether”. He also added, “Depending on how the next few days go, there might be mandatory work from home for a few weeks again; please prepare your home workstations for this event”.

FMCG giant Nestle is planning to continue with the hybrid model of work and is requesting employees to attend the office physically only if it’s absolutely necessary.

Apollo Tyres stated that while its employees are working from office currently, the company is observing the situation closely and “will take measures as and when the situation demands”.

TCS stated that the company is going to remain committed to adopting the ’25X25? model and introducing hot desks. This model is not going to require any more than 25% of the company’s associates to work from an office at any given point in time, and they will not need to spend any more than 25% of their time in the office.

The current Covid-19 situation in India 

India reported 2,451 new Covid-19 cases and 54 deaths in the 24 hours till 8 am Friday, as per the latest data from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Active cases have increased to 14,241 whilst the recovery rate has remained unchanged at 98.75%. 


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