5 Things Elon Musk Can Do After Buying Twitter For Rs 3.34 Lakh Crore!

5 Things Elon Musk Can Do After Buying Twitter For Rs 3.34 Lakh Crore!
5 Things Elon Musk Can Do After Buying Twitter For Rs 3.34 Lakh Crore!

This is unprecedented in corporate history: Elon Musk finally manages to buy Twitter for $44 billion, or Rs 3.34 lakh crore in cash.

This is a hostile takeover of a social media platform, that has been declared one of the biggest leveraged buyouts deals ever in the entire 230-year old history of Wall Street.

So, what next? Why did Elon Musk acquire Twitter by spending so much money?

Here are 5 things that Elon Musk can do right away, after spending $44 billion to acquire Twitter:

Edit Button

Elon Musk has been pushing for an edit button since long. Last week, he conducted a poll where 4.4 million Twitter users participated, and 73% wanted an edit button. 

Now, since Elon Musk owns Twitter, an edit button can be finally brought in.

Open Source Algorithm

Another change that Elon Musk has been pushing for is an open-source algorithm for Twitter. He wants complete democracy to prevail when it comes to managing the affairs at Twitter, and an open-source algorithm can be that masterstroke, to allow people to understand how Twitter works: Which tweets are being promoted and which are being demoted.

Killing Spam Bots

Elon Musk has time and again expressed his desire to kill all spambots, and ensure that only humans are using Twitter. 

Spambots can change the course of history, by pushing wrong information, defying facts, and impacting genuine users. 

Some experts are stating that Elon Musk can introduce a new human-verification system to ensure that there are no spam bots on Twitter. 

Push For Free Speech

Elon Musk wants free speech to prevail and free speech to win. 

Immediately after buying Twitter for $44 billion, he said, “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.”

Now, it would be interesting to observe how this is implemented. 

A debate on free speech vs fake news has already erupted: Does the Internet needs an editor? That’s the big question now.

Shut Down Twitter

Well, that possibility is a satire, all right. As of now. 

But with Elon Musk, anything is possible.

We will keep you updated, as more details come

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