How To Clear Competitive Engineering Exams In 2022: Check These Practical & Doable Tips For Students

How To Clear Competitive Engineering Exams In 2022: Check These Practical & Doable Tip For Students
How To Clear Competitive Engineering Exams In 2022: Check These Practical & Doable Tip For Students

This is a Guest Blog by Mr. Karanvir Singh, Founder and CEO of Pariksha,  India’s largest vernacular Edtech Company

The most desired professions by parents in India, for their kids, are medical or engineering. Despite engineering being one of the toughest exams to crack, lakhs of students appear for different exams conducted by different educational institutions.

Some of the institutions conduct their separate entrance exam (such as BITS conducts BITSAT)  and some exams happen at the state level such COMEDK UGET. 

JEE is one of the main engineering exams. As per BBC, the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) accept only one in 50 applicants. Students have to do enormous preparation and be thoroughly prepared. In fact these days students who have decided that they want to pursue engineering start their preparation as early as Class 5 or 6. Here are some of the tips for students to better prepare themselves for different engineering entrance exams:


Learn About the Alumni who are Successful Leaders now

Everyone does preparation! It is equally important for students to do some research about the journey of some of the leaders who have passed from these prestigious institutions and made their mark in different fields such as education, politics and business. Knowing about them helps to set the context right and it offers students a perspective that they can also do it. Students can put up posters of their favourite leaders in their rooms for motivation. Also they can follow powerful, motivational quotes by their favorite role-models to inspire and motivate themselves.

Learn the Pattern of Exam and Syllabus

Go to the website of different exams that you are appearing for and clearly read the instructions. Also read the syllabus well and learn about the topics that will be asked in the exam. Carefully understand the exam pattern in detail such as total number of questions, total time duration of the paper, marking scheme and weightage of each section. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses with respect to the different topics. During the exam, first solve the questions that you know really well. 

Prepare a Study Plan, Do lots of Practise and Make Notes

Based on your strengths and weaknesses related to different topics, divide and prioritize the syllabus. Prepare a plan to cover the syllabus in a stipulated time so that you have enough time for revision and to solve the previous years’ question papers too. May be focus on the weak areas first. Don’t only know the theory, but also practise. Always understand the topic at the concept level and keep enough time for practise. The more you practise, the more confidence and control you will gain over the topic. Time management is also extremely important in such exams. Solve previous years’ question papers to exactly know the exam pattern with the timer. Check your speed and accuracy and keep improving on it. Also solve as many national level online mock tests as possible so that you know your overall ranking and performance as per the other students. Do analysis of the paper to understand your weaknesses. With proper knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses you will be also able to prepare an effective strategy for the exam. 

Also, track your weekly progress against your weekly goals on a regular basis. This will help to you measure your progress as per your plan. 

While you are studying a concept, don’t forget to make notes. Notes come very handy when you have to revise the entire syllabus and key topics. Rather than reading the whole chapter you can only read your notes and decrease your chances of missing out on anything important.

Clear Doubts and Get Guidance

When you are not able to understand a particular concept, do take the required help from your teacher or mentor. It is very important to clear the doubts. It will give your clarity and boost your confidence. Also, do check online resources to understand a particular concept. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Also it is good to speak to few of the students who have cracked the exam recently and learn from their experiences. 

Teach Your Friends, but don’t get distracted 

This is yet another interesting way to do revision and reinforcing understanding of your concepts. Always help your friends and make them understand a particular concept/s. In between have small breakout session with friends to solve each other doubts and teach each other. However in this process don’t lose your focus, only keep aside limited time for this. 

All these pointers listed above are important, but the most important thing is to get enough sleep. This will help keeping your mind active. Do not over think, and maintain your calm by incorporating meditation in your daily routine.

All the Best! 

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