Arun Prabhudesai Led Trakin Tech Becomes India’s #1 Tech Youtube Channel With 27% Market Share

Arun Prabhudesai Led Trakin Tech Becomes India’s #1 Tech Youtube Channel With 27% Market Share
Arun Prabhudesai Led Trakin Tech Becomes India’s #1 Tech Youtube Channel With 27% Market Share

In a startling development, Arun Prabhudesai led Trakin Tech has become India’s #1 tech Youtube channel, as it has now conquered a whopping 27% market share.

This means that 27% of all views generated within the tech Youtube space belonged to the Trakin Tech Youtube channel.

As per data shared by DataBeings, Trakin Tech generated 511 million views for their videos, published in 2021, which is not only highest among all other leading tech Youtube channels but also reflects a massive 27% share in the overall tech Youtube space. 

The closest competitor had 31% fewer views and 29% less market share. This shows the impact and influence that Trakin Tech has over the tech space in India.

Reacting to this development, Trakin Tech founder and Chief Youtuber Arun Prabhudesai said, “This is not entirely a surprise for us, because we have been witnessing exponential growth in our total number of views, and subscriber count in 2021. But what is really surprising is, the way our channel has dominated this space, and literally conquered the market with a whopping 27% share. Our competition is not with other channels, but with ourselves. We are striving to breach our own benchmarks in terms of quality and content, and this achievement of becoming India’s #1 tech Youtube channel is the testimony of our endeavors.”

Thanking all his fans and patrons, Arun further said, “Be it crossing 1 crore subscribers mark, or becoming India’s numero uno Tech channel on Youtube, it’s our fans, our followers, and our patrons that are the true inspiration. The fuel and energy to publish 715 videos in the last 12 months came only from their unadulterated love and affection. A big thank you to our fans, who are our family. And trust me, this is just the beginning!”

Trakin Tech Racing Towards 11 Million Subscribers Mark

In October last year, Train Tech created history by crossing the 10 million or 1 crore subscribers mark, which they achieved in 5 short years. And already in January 2022, they are 10.8 million subscribers strong, racing towards the 11 million mark.

A journey that started in 2016, has now become a mission with millions of subscribers, and their unfailing love and support, that inspires the awesome team at Trakin Tech to create new, high-quality tech-oriented videos consistently. 

Arun also featured in his first rap song: Safar, which summarizes his fascinating story that is gradually becoming a legend. 

We will keep you updated on the new developments at Trakin Tech, as it happens, live.

Keep trakin!

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