80% Indian Employees Want 100% Work From Home; 80% HRs Can’t Find Work From Office Employees!

Finding talent willing to accept office-only working conditions has become increasingly difficult.

The Tech Talent Outlook report by Scikey found that 8 in 10 or 80% of employees in India prefer to work from home rather than office.

The survey analysed inputs from more than a 100 C-suite and human capital leaders across four continents.

Scikey is a digital platform for jobs, work and talent solutions.

New Normal For HR

64% of those working remotely say that they are more productive working from home and are also less stressed.

Things have also changed for companies’ HR departments. 

Their new normal now consists of them engaging with remote employees instead of face to face as they did earlier. 

Scarcity Of Office Employees

Their role has undergone a shift since most people are unwilling to work from the office fully.

Over 80% of HR managers surveyed say that they are facing difficulties hiring employees for full-time office presence.

They also have to do everything virtually now, from employee hiring, onboarding, engagement to exit. 

New Hiring Criterion

Apart from the digital shift, skills have become the main criterion when hiring. 

Only 18% of tech hiring managers use psychological assessment as a part of the hiring process in 2022, a steep decline from 68% in 2019.

Offices are changing too. 

Role Of Offices 

From the main place of work, they are now occasional meeting places and alternate workplaces.

Over 67% of companies acknowledged that finding talent willing to accept office-only working conditions has become increasingly difficult.

Annual appraisals and often delayed awards are no longer effective as they once were. 

Quick Rewards Over Annual Appraisals

Over 70% of HR and tech managers admitted that on the spot or quick awards for good performance are more effective at retaining talent that is scattered and requires more regular motivation. 

To that end, 36% of the respondents have already initiated quick rewards to engage and retain their workforce. 

Technology Driving Deeper Engagement

Scikey CEO Karunjit Kumar Dhir commented that it is interesting to see the “future of work” transition from conventional HR to an ecosystem involving people “beyond the confines of company payroll and office boundaries”.

The world is now one of remote work, the gig economy, and the “power of the crowd” which is “waiting to be explored before it explodes”.

Technology is already prompting companies to engage with their employees at a deeper and more meaningful level.

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