CES 2022 Day 1: PlayStation VR 2, confirms, Dell XPS 13 Plus, Samsung Portable Projector

Let’s do a quick recap from this year’s CES Day 1. It was packed with some great announcements as Sony confirmed PlayStation VR 2, Samsung’s $899 portable projector, Dell’s futuristic XPS 13 Plus and much more. Sony will start commercializing their EVs under a new division called Sony Mobility Inc. Samsung showed off a new barrel-styled Freestyle projector while Dell unveiled a futuristic XPS 13 Plus.

CES 2022 Day 1: PlayStation VR 2, confirms, Dell XPS 13 Plus, Samsung Portable Projector

On the very first day some big announcements came from Intel, AMD, Dell, Asus and other major companies. 

Starting off with PlayStation VR 2, Sony confirmed the new details about the head-mounted display with new controllers called Sense Controllers. It will feature an OLED display, will also include 4 cameras and a controller-tracking IR camera.

At the CES 2022, Samsung launched a device out of its mainstream releases, a Freestyle projector which combines a smart TV, a smart speaker and a lamp. The portable Samsung projector is capable of projecting the video from 30 inches to 100 inches. 

Dell XPS 13 Plus, one of the most anticipated ultraportable laptops will soon be available. XPS 13 Plus is a futuristic notebook with an all-new design running on a 28-watt, 12th Gen Intel processor.

Sony made a major revelation. Chairman, President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida showed off a brand new prototype of its Vision S, the concept electric car where the company is starting off with a new division – the Sony Mobility Inc, where it will commercialize its electric vehicles. 

Intel and AMD announced new processors. Intel unveiled 12th generation mobile processors which will have the same big.LITTLE design methodology as the desktop versions of 12th generation processors. AMD unveiled new Ryzen 6000 series processors built on the 6nm Zen 3+ core architecture and include AMD RDNA 2 on-chip graphics. 

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