Here’s The Worst Company Of 2021; Microsoft Hailed As Best Company (Survey Results)

Here's The Worst Company Of 2021; Microsoft Hailed As Best Company (Survey Results)
Here’s The Worst Company Of 2021; Microsoft Hailed As Best Company (Survey Results)

Facebook, or Meta, as it is now known has been named the worst company of the year! 

A survey by Yahoo! Finance has named Meta as the worst company of the year; whereas, Microsoft was named the best.

Meta Worst Company Of 2021, Microsoft Named Company Of The Year

As per the survey, Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba comes in second in the list of the worst companies, and yet, Meta received 50% more votes than Alibaba. 

Apparently, Facebook or Meta is the worst company because of perceptions of censorship, especially right and conservative voices. Individuals have stated that the  “free-speech-police” is unfair and that they should have the ability to communicate whatever they wanted on their platform.

The survey was conducted between Dec. 4 to Dec. 5 on Survey Monkey via the Yahoo! Finance homepage; it received 1541 responses.

On the other hand, some respondents opined that Facebook or Meta was the reason for the rise of far-right extremist views. Meta has also been accused of “undermining democracy worldwide.” 

Instagram Has Detrimental Effects On Mental Health?

Additionally, Meta’s photo sharing app, Instagram has also been unsuccessful in winning any laurels. Respondents have shared that the app’s effects on mental health and targeting children are concerning incidents.

We recently reported to you that Instagram itself is telling people to take a break from Instagram.

Apparently, the photo-sharing app has had some accusations directed towards it which said that too much time spent on its social network will have detrimental effects on the mental well-being of teenagers.

Recently a Wall Street Journal investigation showed Facebook knew from internal research that the app is harmful to teen girls.

This has made US Lawmakers renew their push to make Facebook halt its development of a version of Instagram for children under age 13.

Only three of ten respondents think that Facebook can redeem itself and reverse any of its mistakes.

Whereas, Microsoft has been named as Company of the Year for 2021. The company has reached a market capitalization milestone of $2 trillion and a 53%  year-to-date surge in its stock price.

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