Facebook’s Parent Meta Will Train 1 Cr Indian Entrepreneurs; Opens Asia’s 1st Office In Delhi

The office, spanning 1.3 lakh sq ft, is one of its biggest and first standalone office facility in Asia.

Meta (formerly Facebook) has opened its office in Delhi-NCR and announced plans of skilling one crore small businesses and 2,50,000 creators in India over the next three years.

Facebook’s old office at Two Horizon Center in DLF-5 has been shut down.

Office Modeled After HQ

The office, spanning 1.3 lakh sq ft, is one of its biggest and first standalone office facility in Asia.

The office design is similar to the headquarters in Menlo Park, US with an open floor plan and an unfinished look.

In an effort to inspire collaboration, it will house various teams from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The deliberately exposed concrete pillars and wires on the roof is indicative of the company’s startup roots.

Centre Dedicated To Help Small Businesses And Creators

The skilling hub named Centre for Fuelling India’s New Economy (CFINE) has been set up in the office premises.

CFINE is a multifunctional centre which will fuel the company’s vision to use its inbuilt technology and tools to help creators, small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve growth.

It marks the latest addition to Meta’s India-focused products and initiatives, which include Reels, Payments on WhatsApp, and Live-Rooms.

Social Programmes

Apart from helping creators, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and more, it will facilitate community impact programmes around important issues such as safety training for women and children.

It will also have other uses such as showcasing the impact of new technologies on the digital ecosystem of the country.

A dedicated area has been set up to demonstrate the transformative role of technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in sectors such as learning and education, commerce and healthcare.

Helping Delhi Become India’s New Silicon Valley

Its location in Delhi pits the national capital as a potential prominent tech hub after Bengaluru.

It also provides a strategic advantage as it is a region well connected with all parts of the country.

Covid And Hybrid Work

As for Covid protocol, the office will have strict safety measures in place along with touchless experiences, be it in the cafeteria, the lifts, or washrooms.

It will further continue to give its employees hybrid working options.

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