Indian Govt Will Remove Ban On International Flights From This Date! Normal Flights Will Resume?

Therefore, measures would have to be taken once again to guard against a renewed wave of infections.

Aviation Ministry Secretary Rajiv Bansal said that International flight operations will likely resume “by the end of the year”.


Long Wait

All international flights barring those on repatriation missions and carrying essential goods were stopped in March 2020 when the nationwide lockdown was imposed.

Restrictions were lifted amidst a drop in active cases and growth in coverage of vaccination.

However, flights were to take place only with ‘air bubble’ arrangements negotiated with 28 other countries including the US, UK, UAE, and France.

Under such arrangements, international passenger flights would operate between either country’s territory albeit with certain conditions.

Wary Of Covid Resurgence 

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said that the government was considering approving the resumption of international flights but was wary given the surge in daily new cases reported in Europe.

Therefore, measures would have to be taken once again to guard against a renewed wave of infections.

He sympathised with the public and the aviation industry and said that he is “all for regaining our space in the civil aviation arena in the world and making a hub in India”.

He added that the government will work towards making that happen but would have to do so “in a safe environment”.

Issuance Of Tourist Visas Begin

As of now, domestic flights are allowed at full capacity.

As a preparatory step towards opening up to international flights, the government said that it would resume granting tourist visas from November 15.

Approving the resumption of international flights would also give a much needed shot in the arm for the aviation industry.

Crucial For Industry And Travelers

This is even more so because of the upcoming holiday season with Christmas and New year which means passenger demand and traffic would be very high.

Normalisation of flight operations would also help the average citizen since airfares would also become stable.

Plane ticket prices are steep given the limited number of flights under “air bubbles”.

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