Class 10, 12 Exam Will Be 100% In Offline Mode, Supreme Court Says No To Online Mode

Board exams of both CBSE, ICSE will take place exclusively offline.

The Supreme Court has rejected pleas made by students that wanted the 10th and 12th exams to be conducted in hybrid mode.

Board exams of both CBSE, ICSE will take place exclusively offline.


The Case For Hybrid Mode

The petitioners said that it was unwise to conduct the exams in person since it could spread infection.

They said that it was a violation of their right to health that the exams were being conducted offline.

Further, the age group of students taking the exam were more vulnerable to the virus since they are not vaccinated.

Hybrid Also In Govt Guidelines

The hybrid mode also reduced strain on logistical constraints.

They also pointed out that the government itself had called for blended education in its coronavirus guidelines which comprises online and offline classes.

Therefore, going exclusively offline is in direct contradiction to its own orders.

Bad Timing

The SC said that the plea was made too late since exams are already underway, making the request impractical.

It rebuked the petitioners by asking them to not “mess up the education system” and to let “the authorities do their job well”.

It further warned that “this last minute business should be discouraged”.

Safety Measures

The Solicitor General said that all Covid-appropriate precautions were already being taken such as increasing the number of exam centres and reducing the number of students in each classroom from 40 to 12.

By increasing the number of exam centres to 15,000 from 6500, it addresses the issue of parents crowding outside thereby increasing health risks.

The exam duration has also been reduced from 3 hours to 1.5 hours.

The SC has also given room for immediate remedies to be made in case there are shortcomings in Covid measures taken by authorities.

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