Work From Home Officially Ends At TCS, Wipro; Lakhs Of IT Employees Return To Offices

It will eventually switch to the 25/25 model “in a phased and flexible manner”.

Offices are making a comeback as TCS employees return, officially ending the company’s work from home routine.

Reports say that it is calling back its employees to their “deputed location (base branch)” by November 15.

Switch To New Model

The company is moving towards its 25 by 25 vision in which only 25% of the workforce will work out of its facilities at any time.

In its statement, it said that it will initially ask its associates to return to offices towards the end of CY’21.

It will eventually switch to the 25/25 model “in a phased and flexible manner”.

The transition will “depend on respective team leaders and the requirements of each team/ project.”

Hybrid The New Normal?

The sentiment in the IT industry with regards to returning to pre-pandemic norms is that of caution.

Companies are slowly bringing their employees back to offices but eventually look to work under a hybrid model.

Some hybrid practices include employees reporting to the office on a rotational basis.

Employee Safety Top Priority 

TCS’ ‘Future Of Work’ involves both physical office and remote working.

Everybody will have to come to the office for a period but at the same time will have the option to work from home.

But whatever the final decision may be, it will be taken with consideration to employees’ safety, health, and well-being.

Solution For Firms To Transform Workplaces

TCS has highlighted the importance of having in place a “comprehensive plan for safety, security and basic health needs of employees” for organisations transforming their workplaces.

To address this, the company has developed TCS Safe Workplace solution which helps “ensure a smooth workplace transition” and “minimise the complexities involved in redefining safety protocols to maintain social distancing.”

The solution “offers end-to-end services across advisory, design, implementation and support.”

Infosys’ Model

Industry peers Infosys, Wipro and HCL Technologies are also gearing up to bring back their employees.

Infosys announced during its quarterly earnings call that it will follow a hybrid model going forward.

It is suitable for its employees since it offers a flexible location arrangement as per their convenience.

For example, employees can work three days from the office, and the rest of it from home.

Wipro And HCL

Rishad Premji, chairman of Wipro tweets on September 12 that its leaders are rejoining offices and will be coming in twice a week.

Senior employees of HCL Technologies have resumed working from the office at least twice a week.

The others are required to attend office once a week.

Chief HR Officer Apparao VV said that they expect the “momentum to increase by the end of this calendar year”.

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