World Diabetes Day: 5 Mobile Apps Every Diabetic Patient Should Have On Their Phone

World Diabetes Day: 5 Mobile Apps Every Diabetic Patient Should Have On Their Phone
World Diabetes Day: 5 Mobile Apps Every Diabetic Patient Should Have On Their Phone

If you have diabetes, it’s crucial to prioritize your health and manage your sugar levels to stay away from complications of uncontrolled diabetes. Given the rise of the adoption of technology, Patients now have access to smartphone applications that can assist them in managing their condition from the convenience of their homes. These apps can assist people to monitor glucose, track their diet, nutrition in- take and exercise, along with symptom management among other things.

On this World Diabetes Day, we have curated a list of 5 apps that every person with diabetes should have on their phones to better their health. The theme of World Diabetes Day 2021 is ‘Access to Diabetes Care’ – a challenge that is being bridged by such apps and digital health platforms which enable positive outcomes for users.

Check out these 5 apps which will definitely help you manage diabetes more effectively! 

BeatO: BeatO is an AI-enabled digital care platform that enables users to control, manage and reverse Diabetes. BeatO integrates a cost-effective IoT hardware – the BeatO smartphone-connected glucometer – with an app. Diabetes care coaches and doctors on the platform proactively intervene to share guidance on lifestyle when your sugar readings are out of normal range. The BeatO app ecosystem offers a comprehensive solution for a diabetic’s everyday needs, including blood glucose monitoring, consultations with doctors and nutritionists, prescription delivery scheduling, health insurance, and diagnostics. Moreover, you also receive alerts when sugar levels of your parents or loved ones are out of control. This app is the go-to solution for anyone with Type 1, Type 2 diabetes and even pre-diabetes. 

BeatO not only offers solutions for diabetes control and reversal but for other lifestyle and cardiometabolic conditions such as Hypertension as well. 

HealthifyMe: A crucial part of diabetes management is getting your diet and weight under control. HealthifyMe is a tried and tested fitness app that has successfully helped millions of users across India reach their weight loss goals. The much-celebrated “Smart Plan” takes it a step further by getting to know users’ likes and dislikes in terms of food, considers their personal tastes and preferences, and generates an AI-based plan. Based on your current fitness level, HealthifySmart also recommends easy home-based workouts which range from between 5 minutes to over 1 hour long. Users gain access to a tailored workout plan as well as direct chats with RIA, the interactive AI, who can help keep them on track. 

1mg: Tata’s 1mg is a digital healthcare platform that comprises e-pharmacy, e-diagnostics, and e-consult services. It also helps people in India get accurate, authoritative & trustworthy information on medicines You can get medicines and other health products delivered at home in 1000+ cities across India from licensed and verified pharmacies. You can also avail diagnostic services from certified labs and online doctor consults at any time, from anywhere.

Strava: Strava is a user-friendly app that helps user track their workouts, along with providing them with a platform to network with like-minded individuals. The app has been designed by athletes, for athletes. Strava’s mobile app and website connect millions of runners and cyclists through the sports they love. Strava keeps track of distance travelled, time spent moving, elevation gained, calories burned, speed, heart rate, and average temperature. Other users on the app can be ‘followed,’ which displays their latest activity in your feed. 

Walnut: Typically, diabetics spend around Rs 30,000 per annum only on managing diabetes- this includes buying blood glucose strips, medication expenses, doctor consultations, lab tests, physical examinations, and diet planning.  This makes it important for them to have an easy to use the app on their phone which helps them organize and analyze their expenses.  Walnut reimagines your SMS inbox by automatically surfacing key information about purchases, invoices, and tickets, allowing you to better understand where your money goes. 

Diabetes can sometimes be tough, however, technology is now enabling us to improve our health and lives easily and conveniently from the comfort of our homes. We hope these apps help provide access to quality healthcare and empower you to beat diabetes effectively.

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