Central Railways Stop Issuing Daily Mumbai Local Tickets; Disobey Of Govt Order?

Central Railways Stop Issuing Daily Mumbai Local Tickets; Disobey Of Govt Order?
Central Railways Stop Issuing Daily Mumbai Local Tickets; Disobey Of Govt Order?

There is a possibility that the Central Railways will stop issuing the daily local train tickets to passengers.

This news comes only a day after the state government issued an order that allows only fully vaccinated people to board local trains in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).

Indian Railways To Stop Issuing Daily Local Train Tickets Entirely

The Indian Railways had recently decided to allow everyone to board Mumbai Local trains, irrespective of their profession. Earlier, only those with essential services and fully vaccinated were allowed to get the pass for boarding Mumbai local.

However in order to board Mumbai Local train, the passengers need to have both the vaccine doses, and a gap of 14 days since the 2nd dose was administered. Also, they were required to avail only monthly, quarterly and half-yearly passes.

This vaccine rule was imposed earlier as well, albeit only for essential workers. But now, anyone and everyone with both vaccine doses can board Mumbai local and travel seamlessly.

From October 28, 2021, Western Railways will now operate all 1367 local trains, while Central Railways will run all 1774 local trains in Mumbai.

As of now, Central Railways is operating only 1702 trains, and Western Railways is running 1304, which was only 90% of the pre-pandemic level trains. Before the pandemic, around 80 lakh passengers used Mumbai Local daily.

Central Railways Already Discontinued Issuing Local Train Tickets

And now, news is that the Central Railways might stop issuing daily local train tickets entirely.

In fact, the Central Railways has stopped issuing daily single and return journey tickets completely on Wednesday, whereas, the Western Railway has been issuing daily tickets, apparently because of the lack of internal notifications.

It was previously announced that school and college students who are below 18 years and ineligible for vaccination can board local trains in Mumbai from 20 October. the Maharashtra government expanded the definition of fully vaccinated persons to include minors below 18 years and those having medical conditions which prohibit them from taking the Covid-19 vaccines.

Those having a medical condition that does not allow them to take the vaccine need to have a certificate issued by a recognised doctor.

The rule will continue for the first 60 days when the vaccine becomes available for those under 18.

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