Whatsapp Will Delete Your Chat Group, Remove All Chats If You Do This

Whatsapp Will Delete Your Chat Group, Remove All Chats If You Do This
Whatsapp Will Delete Your Chat Group, Remove All Chats If You Do This

A new update by WABetaInfo has revealed that Whatsapp is more than capable of deleting our chat groups and terminating our chat history.

WABetaInfo, a website specifically dedicated to report news about WhatsApp for iOS, Android and Windows has confirmed this news.

Whatsapp Able To Delete Groups And Group Chat History?

Whatsapp is able to delete chat groups and has also done this previously, as confirmed by WABetaInfo.

The post by WABetainfo states, “Seen that WhatsApp cannot see their content, because messages, media and calls are end-to-end encrypted, the moderation team uses an advanced machine learning technology based on recorded bad group information.” 

The groups are terminated by Whatsapp automatically if the group contains suspicious information (illegal group names and descriptions) or if the group has been reported multiple times by different users of Whatsapp.

If the group contains any suspicious information, the group will either be ended manually or automatically. 

When a group is terminated, the participants will not be able to send messages on the group or access its chat history. They will also not be able to open the group info or read the list of other participants.  

How To Restore Your Group?

However, there is still a way around. If your group has been deleted by Whatsapp, you will need to contact customer support within the terminated group to forward a request to have it restored. You also need to remember that Whatsapp may ban admins from using the WhatsApp service entirely.

WABetaInfo has also advised on protecting yourself from this. It says, “It is important to be careful about what groups you’re in: if you see a suspicious group, you should report and leave it immediately.”

Also, you can select the “My contacts except…” option that will help you select who can add you in groups.

Additionally, if you are an admin, you can also restrict who can change the group’s subject and description by selecting the “Only Admins” option from the group’s settings.

Recently, Whatsapp has released the beta version for users who want to test the multi-device feature, well before its official launch.

In order to use the beta version of the new feature, Whatsapp users will need to update their application to the latest version of WhatsApp beta available on Android and iOS.

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