This Indian IT Company Starts 4-Day Work Week For All Employees! Will It Work?

Human resources are the most important resource of any organization. If employees are happy, it results in better output for the company. So, various organizations try a myriad of things to keep employees happy. Some incentivize by giving extra monetary benefits whereas some offer flexible work schedules. And there is an increasing creed of organizations all over the world that are experimenting with four days a week. It looks like soon, India will also have four days a week, at least in some way.

TAC regularizes four days week practice in the Mumbai office

In the last seven months Cybersecurity Company TAC Security has shifted to a 4-day work week, closing on Fridays. The main intention of this initiative is better productivity. If it makes workers more productive and happier, it will make the policy permanent in the Mumbai office, the company said on Monday.

Terming it as a step towards adopting the “Future of Work,” the company, which has around 200 employees, decided to focus on empowering employees to have a healthy work-life balance and a happier workforce as a result.

The IT company’s internal survey showed 80% of the team willing to work 4 days a week for longer hours while getting a longer weekend to focus on their personal commitments and growth. A lot of employees signed up for various courses and activities after the announcement, reinstalling the organization’s faith in their decision and results.

Looking for Better Work-Life Balance

“It’s all about keeping standards of execution high, while still putting the team’s health and well-being first, we are a team of young people and young company we can experiment with anything possible to ease the team members’ work-life balance. We recognize that it’s important for our leaders to set an example for the rest of their teams by walking the talk,” says Trishneet Arora, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of TAC Security.

The company has also decided to work on having a completely automated process to ensure maximum productivity in the stipulated time. Implementation of this is important as this will also ensure that the employees do not reach out to colleagues outside the work hours letting everyone have complete private time.

TAC Security is headquartered in San Francisco. It is a global leader in Vulnerability Management that protects Fortune 500 companies. It manages over 5 million vulnerabilities through its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Vulnerability Management Platform ESOF (Enterprise Security in One Framework).

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