Australia Allows Foreigners with This Special Job Visa: Which Skills Are Needed?

The world that we live in is being run by an economic engine. And to function smoothly this economic engine requires fuel. The fuel of talented human resources, which run the shafts of this engine. Every country tries to foster and attract the best human resource possible for its own economic growth. And in that race of attracting skilled talent, the island nation of Australia doesn’t want to stay behind.

Australia about to open us its doors for top talent

The government of Australia is planning to boost the national economy in the next 10 months. Under travel exemptions for holders of a government visa created to aid the post-pandemic recovery, hundreds of overseas workers could be welcomed to Australia.

The exemption will allow the rapid relocation of workers. Fewer than 500 exemptions are expected to be granted to holders of the Temporary Activity (subclass 408) “Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery Event” visas during the next 10 months. The program will expire by the end 10th month.

“This government’s initiatives to bring top talent to Australia are cementing our economic recovery,” Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said in a statement.

“These visa holders are bringing the skills, investment, and new ideas that employ Australians and keep us internationally competitive for years to come. They’re adding to our economy, generating new jobs, and contributing to our tax base so we can continue to provide the essential services all Australians rely on,” he added further.

Thousands of its own citizens still remain stranded overseas

At the start of the pandemic, Australia implemented a ban on non-citizens and non-residents from entering the nation. It has also placed strict caps on its own citizens. As recently as July this year, some 38,000 Australians were still stranded outside the country.

This has exacerbated skills shortages in some key industries and services.

In recent months, the government has also reduced international arrivals by 50% and barred non-resident citizens who enter the country from leaving again.

As per the announcement, the government’s automatic exemption for skilled non-Australians will be restricted to businesses deemed by the Global Business and Attraction Taskforce as likely to make a significant contribution to the economy. This means people having high investment value and job creation potential will be given priority.

It should be noted that incoming people will still need to meet all standard health requirements and quarantine protocols, as regulated by states and territories.

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