This Software Firm With 8000+ Employees Offering Work From Anywhere Jobs In India

It recently reopened its Gurgaon office

Nagarro is offering its employees the option to work from anywhere.

It is a firm dealing with digital engineering and technology solutions.

Gurgaon Office Reopens

It recently reopened its Gurgaon office, with Covid-safety protocols in place. 

But it has left it up to the employees to decide whether they want to rejoin offices or continue working remotely.

The company wants to make distance irrelevant when it comes to connecting talent with each other.

Practicing Remote Work Before Pandemic

It has experience in making collaboration happen across different cities and countries.

It says that it had “recognized the value of a distributed team long before COVID-19.”

Its core values, being Responsible, Agile, and Non-hierarchical makes its employees self-driven which further makes room for a “remote and distributed way of working”.

Applications Invited

It has invited applications from both freshers and experienced workers based in India.

The company shares that its values include sustainability, inclusion and diversity, and social responsibility.

Presently, the company’s presence in India spans over 100 locations.

Manas Fuloria, Nagarro’s co-founder, said that they hired 1,000 professionals in this quarter, including fresh graduates.

To submit your application, click here

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