30% Indians Save Bank, ATM Passwords On Email, Mobile; 11% In Address Book!

30% Indians Save Bank, ATM Passwords On Email, Mobile; 11% In Address Book!
30% Indians Save Bank, ATM Passwords On Email, Mobile; 11% In Address Book!

A new survey has revealed that one out of every 3 Indians have used their mobile, computer or email to save private confidential information such as the details of their bank account, debit/credit card, ATM PINs, Aadhaar/PAN card.

The survey has measured the concerns of consumers about personal financial security.

Read on to find out what the survey has to say right here!

11% Indians Save Personal Financial Details in Contact List: Survey 

The survey named Per Unisys Security Index 2020 report states that 11% Indians also save their personal financial details in their phone contact list, and given that most apps now ask for permission to access the contact list, this information can easily be compromised. 

Also, the report reveals that every third person shares passwords with 1 or more members of the close family

As per the report, bank card fraud via unauthorised access to individual’s credit and debit card details are among the top concerns. There were 24000 respondents across 393 districts, of which 63% were men and 37% were women. Of these, 45% respondents were from metro/tier-1 towns, whereas, 31% were from tier-2 towns and 24 per cent were from tier-3 towns and rural locations.

Respondents were asked about their chosen mode of storing personal financial details such as bank account number, debit or credit card CVV, ATM passwords, Aadhaar or PAN Number etc. to this, 7% respondents said “in my phone”, 15 per cent said “in my email or computer”, and 11 per cent said “in the phone, email, or computer”. 

33% Respondents Store Credentials On Mobile Phones, Email or Computers

However, 21% respondents said that they have memorised all the information, 39% said that they have saved it in a paper format whereas 7% didn’t have an opinion.

33% respondents said that they store their credentials digitally, on mobile phones, email or computers.

5% of the 7956 respondents said, “yes, many of them”, 6 per cent said “yes, few of them” on being asked if they store the passwords and details of ATM, bank account, email and other online accounts in their phone contact list.

Thankfully, a majority (65 per cent) of the respondents said that they havent given access to their debit cards to anyone other than themselves.

In this day, where cyber breaches and online frauds are rampant, it is highly recommended that personal and sensitive information should be saved in a place where it is inaccessible to anyone. 

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