Plea Filed In Bombay High Court To Restart Mumbai Local For All Passengers

He says this is a violation of a citizen’s fundamental rights.

A petition has been filed in Bombay High Court opposing the state government’s decision to limit local train travel to only fully vaccinated citizens.


In Short

Yohan Tengra, a medical consultant and activist who filed the petition, says that the government made vaccines voluntary and yet it compels citizens to be fully vaccinated to avail public services.

He says this is a violation of a citizen’s fundamental rights.

Govt Circulars Proving Discrimination

He pulled up the August 10 and 11 circulars of the state government which allows only fully vaccinated people on local trains.

Another circular noted was one of July 15 which permits only those fully vaccinated or having a negative RT-PCR test to enter Maharashtra.

The petitioner concluded that these circulars are “arbitrary, unconstitutional, unlawful and violates the fundamental rights of citizens”.

Fundamental Right Violated?

To be precise, the government is accused to have violated the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights, 2005 by making vaccination a prerequisite for local train travel.

The Right states that no drug can be administered to a person without his free consent and under the fear of his rights being prejudiced.

Anti-Vaccine Views

Challenging the efficacy of vaccines, Tengra said that there is “no conclusive evidence” to prove the same since they are at an “experimental stage” and are only authorised for emergency use. 

He cited studies which show that infected people who recover cope better with the virus than the vaccinated.

Going by that logic, he says that there is no difference between being and not being vaccinated and anyone can become a super-spreader.

Therefore, the state cannot make this distinction and allow only certain people to board local trains.

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