41% Employees Will Resign This Year: 100% More Compared To Pre-Covid Days

We all have heard of the ‘Great Recession. We have also heard of the ‘Great Depression. But have you ever heard of the ‘Great Resignation’? You haven’t, right? But if you are utterly not living under the rocks, then there is a pretty high chance that you might be witnessing it. It’s a new rage in the workforce market which looks like one of the aftereffects of the pandemic.

The Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index forecasted eyepopping statistics

According to The Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index, 41% of the global workforce are considering resigning this year. This number is almost double to what it was during pre-covid days.

Arran Stewart, co-founder of U.S. recruitment portal Jobs.com, called this shift in the attitude of the workforce, “largest shift in human capital in our lifetime”. According to him, this has potential major repercussions for both workers and companies.

For the last one and half years, people spent at their homes. They kept working diligently amid uncertain times. And now that everyone is learning to live with coronavirus, many now find themselves able to call the shots on pay and conditions of their job.

While many employers tried their best to assist the employees to adjust to the new normal, many have failed as well. This period has shown a harsh light on employers who failed to support and motivate staff working remotely for the first time in their careers while facing many unprecedented challenges.

Changing work culture

“In terms of interesting perks the coolest one is probably access to ‘an office’ almost anywhere,” said Blake Wittman, European Business Director of recruiter GoodCall, which lists L’Oreal and Nestle as clients. He was referring to satellite working spaces which have been established by some major companies. “This way the employee doesn’t have to work from home, but also doesn’t need to spend valuable time stuck on a highway”, he further added.

Remote working has prompted some companies to replace luncheon vouchers with equivalent benefits for home food delivery. Climate change has also come up as one area which is affecting the retention of employees. Previously companies used to offer company cars to employees, but now they have started to give out bicycles as well.

So, a lot is changing on the workforce front. For Employers, for Employees, for all of us.

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