IT Firms Shouldn’t Force Employees To Work From Office: IT Employee Union Requests CM

IT Firms Shouldn’t Force Employees To Work From Office: IT Employee Union Requests CM
IT Firms Shouldn’t Force Employees To Work From Office: IT Employee Union Requests CM?

Recently, Maharashtra Govt issued a notification for all private companies, that also include IT firms, about new work model rules for all employees.

Among the other provisions, this new notification gives full power to private companies to enforce work from the office for all employees.

This has to be stopped, as per NITES (Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate), and a request has already been made to the State Govt.

NITES To Maharashtra CM: Work From Office Is Risky

NITES has written to the State Govt, asking them to stop private companies, especially IT firms from enforcing work from office for more than 9 lakh IT employees.

As per the letter shared with Maharashtra CM office, which we have seen, NITES has requested that enforcing work from office suddenly will create a risky environment for lakhs of employees, and create more chaos. 

NITES president Harpreet Saluja said, “Work from home should be made compulsory to safeguard life, jobs and families of more than nine lakh IT/ITeS/BPO/KPO employees in Maharashtra. Considering the COVID pandemic, the employees shouldn’t be forced to resume offices by the companies and should be allowed to work from home.”

Maharashtra Govt Allows Work From Office

As per the new Govt notification issued by Maharashtra Govt, offices where all the employees are fully vaccinated can start working from office, and this means that IT firms and other private companies can enforce work from office now.

Besides, the rules also state that the offices should only ask 25% of the employees to work from office at a given time, or shift.

But the problem here is, who will enforce this rule?

Harpreet further said, “As per new orders the companies are allowed to work at a full capacity if all the employees are vaccinated but the State Government’s order hasn’t mentioned any provisions for the vigilance of the same by appropriate authorities. The order states that the companies would be permitted to allow 25% of the overall staff in one shift but again doesn’t mention that it would be monitored by any Government authorities.”

NITES observed that most of the IT employees from Pune and Mumbai has retreated back to their respective hometowns, and suddenly calling them back will create more chaos everywhere.

NITES in its letter pleaded: “It is our fervent hope that the lives of employees and their family members would be considered and given priority while taking decisions regarding operations of IT/ITeS/BPO/KPO companies.”

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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