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Full List Of Air India’s Vande Bharat International Flights Schedule Till October, 2021: Routes, Timings, How To Book & More

Full List Of Air India’s Vande Bharat International Flights Schedule Till October, 2021: Routes, Timings, How To Book & More

Triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, Indian government undertook a massive evacuation program called Vande Bharat Mission to bring back stranded Indians from various countries across the globe in May 2020. 

Vande Bharat Mission

So far, domestic flights were gradually allowed to be operated in a calibrated manner, while international flights still remain banned from operating.

Indian government planned an evacuation drive called Mission Vande Bharat to bring back Indians who were stuck elsewhere due to sudden lockdowns.

As part of this mission, the national air carrier, Air India was allowed to fly to countries only to bring back Indians.

Over 4 million people have been ferried in almost 30,000 flights as of date, making it the largest of its kind activity in the world. 

Initially, the plan had envisaged bringing back only 1,90,000 Indian nationals.

Vande Bharata Flights Schedule

Apart from Vande Bharat Mission, Indian government has activated Air Bubble pacts with 27 countries to ease the travel between countries.

Initially, Air India and its subsidiary Air India Express played a key role in the operations. 

But later on, other air carriers were allowed to take part in the programme.

Indian government will be operating flights to countries like Israel, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Italy, among others till October 31.

Although, still there are many countries which haven’t signed bilateral pacts due to the coronavirus fears. 

Instead, they have allowed limited and special evacuation flights under Vande Bharata.

Now the country is struggling to fight the second wave. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has announced a new round of Vande Bharat flights till October 31. 

Complete list of Vande Bharat Mission flights present here

So far, all these countries don’t have a bilateral pact with India as of now. 

Vande Bharat Mission Update

On Monday, the Civil Aviation Ministry MoCA mentioned: “Vande Bharat Mission! Helping Indians Abroad! in a Tweet.

According to the Tweet, till 1st August, 2021

Inbound Flights – 14,968

Inbound Passengers – 2,261,720

Outbound flights – 14,965

Outbound pax – 15,62,069

Flights till date – 29,933

Passengers till date – 3,823,789″

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