Passengers Coming From India Banned For 3 Years In Saudi Arabia: Find Out Why?

Saudi’s coronavirus tally stands at 5.22 lakh, with 8,200 deaths.
Saudi’s coronavirus tally stands at 5.22 lakh, with 8,200 deaths.

In an attempt to keep a check on the number of Covid cases in Saudi Arabia, the country has announced a travel ban of three years, in conjunction with heavy penalties on those who travel to countries currently on its Covid-19 red list.

It must be noted that among the list of countries in Saudi Arabia’s red list, lies India too. This means any resident of Saudi Arabia who travels to India, or any of the sixteen countries in this list will be slapped with hefty fines and a travel ban of upto 3 years.

As of today, Saudi’s coronavirus tally stands at 5.22 lakhs, with 8,200 deaths.

Saudi Arabia’s Covid-19 Red List of Countries

Saudi Arabia has drafted a list of countries, where the number of Covid-19 cases are on the rise and no traveler is allowed from these countries.

The list constitutes of 16 countries, which are:

  • UAE, 
  • Libya, 
  • Syria, 
  • Lebanon, 
  • Yemen, 
  • Iran, 
  • Turkey, Armenia, 
  • Ethiopia, 
  • Somalia, 
  • Congo, 
  • Afghanistan, 
  • Venezuela, 
  • Belarus, 
  • India, and 
  • Vietnam.

An official of the Saudi Ministry of Interior, as reported by the state-run Saudi Press Agency (SPA) has warned citizens of the Kingdom to avoid traveling to the countries in the afore-mentioned list, as the number of Covid cases and new variants are increasing in these countries.

Saudi Arabia to Institute Hefty Restrictions

The office from the Ministry has been quoted saying, “Travelling to the banned countries is an obvious violation of COVID-19 related travel restrictions and the Kingdom’s updated instructions.”

Press Trust of India reports that there are reports about citizens travelling to the banned countries in violation of the instructions issued by official authorities.

Furthermore, those who violate the Kingdom’s travel restrictions directly or indirectly, will be charged with hefty penalties and will also be banned from travelling abroad for a term of three years.

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