Work From Home For 1.8 Lakh HCL Employees Ending? This Is What HCL Officially Said..

The firm will take a decision on bringing employees back to offices keeping in mind customer needs.

HCL reported that currently 3% of its Indian workforce are returning to offices while the others continue working from home.


Date Not Yet Fixed

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Apparao V V said that the firm will take a decision on bringing employees back to offices keeping in mind customer needs.

It has also set a target to vaccinate the entirety of its workforce in the ongoing quarter.

Presently, 74% of its employees have been vaccinated.

Increasing Hiring

It also reported that its workforce strength stands at 1,76,499 with a net addition of 7,522 people. 

It had inducted 14,600 freshers globally last year.

The target for this year is between 20,000-22,000, a figure it expects to cross.

This is a hike of 50% from the last financial year.

Tackling Attrition

Its attrition rate for IT services (on last 12-month basis) was at 11.8 %.

The company is looking to curb attrition by deploying measures to retain talent.

Among those is a good retention package in place with a three-year cash incentive scheme which is 50-100% of the CTC every year. 

Why People Quit Their Jobs

A reason behind the high attrition rate is the rising demand for certain specialised roles.

This means people working in these niche roles are in high demand and are willing to leave their present employers in pursuit of better and higher paying opportunities.

It will also give out salary increments effective 1 July in another attempt to retain talent.

Wipro Ending WFH From September

Infosys, TCS and Wipro are aiming for the latter half of this year to return employees to offices.

Wipro will begin the transition process from September, keeping in mind the third wave of the pandemic.

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