No 9-5, 5-Days Working Week For 4.5 Lakh TCS Employees? New, Hybrid Work Model In Progress

It will be bringing back its employees not all at once but in a phased manner.

TCS, along with other major companies, is bringing back its employees to offices.

Good Time To Return To Offices?

This is because the threat of the pandemic is not as severe as before which is supported by a  fast moving vaccination drive.

Tata Sons Chairman N. Chandrasekaran believes that in-person interactions are a “social necessity” .

TCS also has future plans of executing the TCS’ Vision 25/25 in which a maximum of only 25% of its workforce will be in office at any given time by 2025.

To be sure, the world may never go back to the conventional norms of full shifts completed in offices five or six days a week.

Preparing Workplaces For The New Normal

Many firms are adopting a hybrid work model which allows for flexibility and other accommodations, and TCS is one among them.

Under the new work model, employees may work some days from home, and other but fewer days from office. 

TCS is working on changing its workplaces and making arrangements for safety, security and basic health needs of its employees.

It has also assured employees that it will take decisions regarding return-to-work readiness carefully using data and real time news.

Using Tech For Transition 

TCS Safe Workplace is a solution the firm has developed which will help with the transition to the new model.

The solutions involve a set of apps and a dashboard.

With these, it collects feedback and automates return to work processes which include contract tracing, shift management, and workspace planning.

It expects to complete all of this in 4 weeks.

TCS also uses a Risk Assessment Model which evaluates factors such as-

  • Employees’ vaccination status
  • Testing the employees’ place of residence
  • Risk assessment of areas/localities/regions
  • Basic health parameters at the workplace
  • Employees’ willingness to getting back to the office
  • Employee satisfaction & safety 

It had said before that it will be bringing back its employees not all at once but in a phased manner.

However, the exact details of how employees will function under this new hybrid model will only emerge in mid-July when the firm will declare its Q2 performance results for FY22.

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