Google Will Auto-Delete OTPs, Sort SMSes Like Gmail! Only India Launch Announced?

Devices supporting the function must run Android 8 and above.

Google is tweaking its Messages app so that it can delete OTPs automatically so that those messages do not clutter the inbox.

Two New Updates

The tech giant said that it started working on the new features after users shared feedback about receiving several messages which make it hard to separate the important ones.

As of now, this feature will be available only in India and OTP messages can be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Google has said that the app can also put messages into categories so that personal messages can be separated from automated notifications.

How It Works

The user must update the Messages app via the Play Store.

To activate the feature, the user needs to click “Continue” when a prompt appears below a message in the OTP category reading “Auto-delete OTPs after 24 hrs?”

This update should be useful for people who use mainly Whatsapp for personal conversations while the phone’s default inbox is swamped by unsolicited messages.

Google is using machine learning tech to implement the categorisation of messages into tabs such as Personal, Transactions, OTPs, and Offers which is already in place in Gmail.

Other Details

Machine learning helps assure users of their data privacy to ease concerns of whether Google is accessing transactional messages.

An internet connection is not needed for the function to run on a device.

It should be noted that the new features are optional and settings can be changed accordingly. 

There is no official date as to when the update will arrive in India, but Google has said roll out can take place in the coming weeks.

Devices supporting the function must run Android 8 and above.

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