30% Indians Will Never Go To Office & Work From Home Permanently! (Gartner Report)

30% Indians Will Never Go To Office & Work From Home Permanently! (Gartner Report)
30% Indians Will Never Go To Office & Work From Home Permanently! (Gartner Report)

The working from home policy that was introduced almost all around the world when the COVID-19 pandemic showed its ugly head will not be going away any time soon. 

A research study has shown that India will be responsible for one one of the largest number of remote workers. 

51% Of All Knowledge Workers Are Will Be Working Remotely

As per the study by research firm Gartner, one-third employees will be working remotely by the year 2022.

It states that by the end of the current year, 51% of all the knowledge workers are estimated to be working remotely. The number was 27% back in 2019. The report also states that remote workers will make up for 32% of the total worldwide by the end of 2021, which is up from 17% in 2019.

For those unaware, knowledge workers are those that are working in knowledge-intensive professions such as writers, accountants and engineers.

The Gartner report states, “India and China will produce some of the largest numbers of remote workers, but their overall penetration rates will remain relatively low with 30% of workers in India being remote (by 2022) and 28% of workers in China working remote.”

Hybrid Workforce To Increase Demand Of PCs And Tablets

The report also states that in terms of remote workers, the US will emerge at the top in the year 2022 making for 53% of the US workforce. Europe and the UK will make up for 52% of the workforce working remotely in 2022 whereas Germany and France will account for 37% and 33% respectively. 

As per Gartner’s senior research director, Ranjit Atwal, Hybrid workforce is the future of work where in remove turn on on site part will be optimising the workforce needs of employers. 

It also states that the hybrid workforce will lead to an increased demand for computers and tablets. In 2021 computers and tablet shipments will surpass 500 million units for the first time ever which shows the demand of both business and consumer markets. 

Gartner has also estimated that worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services will increase by 23.1% in 2021. Also, ZTNA (zero trust network access) will become the primary replacement technology by 2024. It will be responsible for at least 40% of all remote access usage, which is up from less than 5% at the end of 2020.

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