This Is Why Netizens Gifted Zomato Delivery Guy With A New Bike Worth Rs 73,000!

Mukesh lauded lauding Aqeel for his “lightning speed” delivery and that too on a bicycle.

After a customer in Hyderabad’s King Koti ordered food from Zomato and its delivery executive arrived after just 20 minutes, he noticed that the order had been completed on a bicycle. 

Customer Shares Story Online

Robin Mukesh took a picture of the Zomato employee Mohd Aqeel Ahmed and his bicycle with which he completed a route of 9 kilometres in 20 minutes. 

Mukesh then proceeded to post the picture online on a Facebook group, The Great Hyderabad Food and Travel Club, lauding Aqeel for his “lightning speed” and that too on a bicycle. 

He shared some more details about 21-year old Aqeel who is in his third year of engineering studies and was working for Zomato for a year. 

He then encouraged others who had their orders fulfilled by Aqeel to leave him a generous tip for his dedication.

Successful Fundraiser

The post drew an impressive amount of attention, to the point that some people started considering setting up a fundraiser to buy a bike for Aqeel.

As more and more pitched in, funds to the tune of Rs 73,370 were donated by the end of the day. 

Rs 60,000 was donated in a span of just 10 hours. 

Mukesh reported that with the money, a TVS XL 100 bike has been booked, which cost around Rs 65,000.

Aqeel received the bike on June 18, along with safety accessories such as helmet and a raincoat.

The remaining amount will go towards his education fees. 

Aqeel’s Reaction

Aqeel expressed his gratitude and humbly said that he was accustomed to doing his job with a bicycle given his financial constraints.

Since he had only a bicycle, he had requested his company to assign him an area of a 4-5 km radius.

But he still received orders that went to areas much beyond, some as far as 8-10 km away. 

It took him 10-12 hours every day to complete his job.

After receiving the bike, he admitted to shedding tears of joy and was overwhelmed by the generosity of the gesture.

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