Revolt Sells Rs 50 Crore Of Electric Bikes In 2 Hours! Bookings Stopped For Rs 90,000 E-Bike

RV400, since its launch, has emerged as a popular choice in electric two wheeler segment. Best-in-class range, top speed of 85 kmph and internet connected smart features are some of the USPs of the flagship product.

Even when the bike commands premium pricing, sales are strong. In Delhi, with the increased FAME-II subsidy and special incentives offered by Delhi government, the price of the same has been slashed and has come down to under Rs 1 lakh.

Flash Sale : Sold Out in 2 hours

All available unitswere sold out within 2 hours, post the opening of bookings with the reduced pricing.

Revolt was forced to shut down bookings temporarily as the delivery timeline could have extended beyond this year.

During the flash sale, company revealed that it has done a businessworth Rs 50 crore. The company, however, has not made the exact booking numbers public. Currently it is operational in six cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

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A ‘Notify Me’ button has been provided on Revolt website, for those who missed out on the sale. With the reduced prices, it has become more accessible to a larger user base.

Now more and more users are keen to shift to electric two wheelers, as petrol prices skyrocket.

Fresh bookings were paused due to increased demand in this year May. The company has increased production to meet the demand.

Revolt RV400 Features

This will contribute to the reduction of the time interval between the date of booking and the time of delivery. A revolt is underway on the expansion of its operations in 35 cities in the future. Revolt RV400 specs of The RV400 comes with a 72V lithium-ion battery, and a 3.24 kWh, which delivers a power of 3 kW motor (medium drive).

There are three driving modes-Eco, Normal and Sport, which will determine the range and the maximum speed. The Eco mode has to be turned on when you are looking to have a maximum flight range. In this mode, the engine is able to travel up to 150 km at a speed of 45 km / h). In the normal mode, the range drops to 100 km, and its maximum speed is increased to 65 km / h). Sport mode was designed for high-speed travel, go to work with a top speed of 85 km / h). However, the range drops to about 80 km. The Revolt RV400 packages, offering a wide range of connectivity options. These include geo-fencing, bike locator, battery charge status, driving history, and statistics, of automatic cycling the diagnosis and replacement of the battery, the station locator. The RV400 has a distinct sound that can act as an integral part of the safety and security of the vehicle and the presence of foot and the road users.

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