Apple CEO Claims Android Has 47-Times More Malware Than iOS! What’s The Truth?

In a startling revelation made during an interview with digital video platform Brut, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said Google’s mobile operating system, popularly known as Android has 47 times more malware than iOS. iOS is the operating system that powers iPhones as well as the iPad (as iPadOS).

More Malware In Android

He said that the system of Cupertino based company’s product has been designed in such a way that all the apps are reviewed before being added to “one” App Store. This tight curation, according to him, is what keeps the malware at bay from Store.

Making Cuertino’s resolve to “stand up for the user” paramount, Cook said that the company has received positive feedback from customers who seem to value this effort.

Recently, Epic Games Inc has alleged that Apple users and developers are “trapped” in an anticompetitive marketplace through apps that run on its ubiquitous phones. Calling it as a “fundamental assault” on its business model, Apple is currently caught in the middle of a court trials.

Discussing Privacy, Company Values & Future

In an interview, Cook spoke of the company values, business models to privacy. In an assertion, he said that iPhone maker shall continue to give importance to privacy as a basic human right as they have for decades now.

He added that the firm has always strive to live up to principles of Apple founder Steve Jobs who always wanted privacy rights for his customers to be something where they know what they are signing up for and get their permission repeatedly before accessing their phone.

When asked about regulatory scrutiny, Cook said Apple would support further expanding privacy-related regulations. As an example of the latter, he said “the current DMA language that is being discussed would force sideloading on the iPhone.” He added that this would destroy the security of the iPhone and its privacy initiatives that are there in Apple’s App Store where App Tracking Transparency and privacy nutrition level would not exist anymore.

CEO Cook said that company is focusing on integrating AI and AR technologies for its future products.

AR, according to Cook is a technology that can enhance and enrich people’s lives in a broad way. To find out where the AR technology shall go with other products, it will begin with iPhones and iPad first. Speaking of AI, he said that it is exciting how AI is able to remove things that keep people down so that they can do work and free up leisure time

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