WhatsApp Starts Adding Regional Sticker Packs For Android, iOS: India Availability?

Various features shall be offered by WhatsApp in order to make conservations fun for its users.  In order to add more information or fun to their chats, apart from just text, users can even insert images, videos, GIFs or animated stickers.

A sticker pack called ‘Laugh It Off’ has recently been launched by the Facebook-owned messaging platform for both iOS and Android. A regional sticker pack Mozão has been rolled out now.

Mozão : Sticker Pack For Brazil

Since Mozão is a regional sticker pack, is shall only be available in some regions. For WhatsApp, it will be available on Android and iOS in Brazil. Small images with messages in Portuguese are included in the sticker pack for customers to share with loved ones.

By visiting its dedicated page, https://api.whatsapp.com/stickerpack/Mozao, users outside Brazil can view the page.

Several Changes To User Interface

Recently, WhatsApp has introduced several changes to the user interface for beta users of the Android system. These changes are related to the in-app call list and can be seen in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices. According to the new changes in the app, “messages has removed the characters that delimit lines between a conversation and cells in the chat list.

This is not a complete redesign of the app, but it is a minor change to the user interface. Implementing these changes is for beta users, and will be available to other users who use WhatsApp web, Press Releases, or the stable version of the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp is also working on a new color scheme, some notification features on the Android platform. In accordance with this change, some parts of the WhatsApp user INTERFACE that will be displayed in the notification bar are displayed in blue instead of the original green color, as well as a dark mode for users of the beta version of WhatsApp. You can also make similar changes in the Messages program.”

The icon, the WhatsApp logo to reply”, and the “Mark as read” button, it will have a red color with the new beta update. The color change may vary depending on the Android version on your device.

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