Big Bazaar Getting 50,000 Orders Per Day; Value Of Orders More Than BigBasket, JioMart!

With 50,000 orders per day, Future group’s retail chain Big Bazaar has already reached half its initial target of 100,000 orders per day in two months post the launch of its two-hour instant delivery service in April. Saying that the lockdown has aided growth as it pushed up overall digital adoption, a known person said that the Kishore-Biyani-led chain had targeted at least three months to touch the 100,000-mark.

Big Bazaar Getting 50,000 Orders Per Day

While launching the service, Big Bazaar had integrated its offline stores with its mobile app and portal. In a move to enhance its digital presence, any order placed online would be delivered in the stipulated time.

As the chain seeks to consolidate its presence online a step up is expected. Categories such as food, FMCG, fashion as well as home segments are covered in the two-hour delivery promise.

As many states start their unlock programme, the delivery of non-essential retail products through online channels shall be resumed.

In order to tap into the uplock momentum, various online platforms and marketplaces, in the categories such as fashion, lifestyle and durable products have kicked off discounts, offers and advanced their sale periods.

An official said that the two-hour delivery promise has helped and despite the lifting up and restarting of offline, the online business (at Big Bazaar) shall be retained because digital adoption as a habit has grown.

JioMart and BigBasket are doing orders in the range of 500,000 and nearly 300,000 each per day according to retail industry sources. Experts say that the order value per transaction is low for the two platforms at Rs 500-600.

Order Value Of Big Bazaar More Than Peers

While JioMart delivers in 200 cities and BigBasket in 26 cities, Big Bazaar delivers products through its 290 stores in 140 cities with an order value per transaction around Rs 1,200.

Big Bazaar had tied up with multiple delivery partners such as Dunzo and Grab to deliver products quickly for the two-hour delivery service.

“The online business runs on input metrics, which include order picking, ensuring the assortment is available and served by the nearest store with minimal or zero defect. We are going phase-wise and are learning along the way,” he said.

With many retailers putting in significant investment to up their presence in the space, “digital first” would be a critical concept for most retailers in the post-Covid world.

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