These 5 Tech-Powered Payroll Platforms Are Changing The Rules Of HR Management In India

These 5 Tech-Powered Payroll Platforms Are Changing The Rules Of HR Management In India
These 5 Tech-Powered Payroll Platforms Are Changing The Rules Of HR Management In India

The pandemic has opened gates to a new era of the working environment in the country in the form of work from home or remote working setups. According to recent studies, businesses that adapt to sophisticated HR technology tools outpace those that do not change with the technology upgrades in the system. Several employees today visit an HR portal rather than an HR individual during interviews, training, and the exit phase. This has helped in increasing efficiency, faster recruitment processes, and a streamlined hiring process with a 360-degree evaluation of the candidate.

Some reasons why HR is progressing into a more technology-based profession are:

• To minimize HR administration costs.

• To procure an efficient analysis of the payroll of the business.

• To streamline HR practices and minimize time consumption of the administrative team.

• To gain access to global talent more effectively and efficiently.

• To enhance the training and service processes for employees and managers.

• To provide real-time data, enabling decision-makers to keep an eye on trends helping them to work more efficiently.

Top 5 HR Tech Payroll to Look Out For

If you are looking for an efficient HR Tech Payroll you can choose from the following top 5 brands that offer exceptional HR services to make your HR business processes robust with no pitfalls.

  1. Keka– Keka is one of India’s most widely accepted and renowned HR systems which provides automatized and simplified people processes that enable a business to focus on their employee efficiency rather than being strangled in day-to-day HR chores. It provides an HR Tech Payroll system that helps in evaluating payrolls, leaves, bonuses, arrears, etc. Everything that an HR professional does manually would take him/her several hours but with tech-enabled cloud-based tools at Keka, this can be done with a single click. Additionally, the platform provides services for people data and analytics, hiring processes, performance, and culture metrics evaluation, etc., making it a complete package for providing complete employee satisfaction along with fostering the growth of the client’s business.
  2. Workday– This is an international HR services provider that works in all parts of the world. It is a provider of cloud-based HR and finance software solutions that provides service for all types of clients be it small or big. It comprises several tools for payouts, employee management, organizing staff, etc. The software also helps in providing visibility for employee performance and helps you analyze the same.
  3. ZingHR: This is a dynamic HR Tech service provider that caters to all HR-related needs of the companies or brands. The Delhi-based company is specially focused in North India and provides services that cover hiring processes with an automated payout process. The recruitment, training, and exit processes are completely automated to provide a seamless experience to the employees. It also helps in the easy execution of standard and complex payroll for the employees of an organization.
  4. CareerNet: CareerNet is another Indian platform that offers its customers fast, uncomplicated, and cost-effective resolutions through tactical advice and results. It delivers services such as talent acquisition and management. Further, analytical tools help the brands in deciding optimum payrolls for the benefit of both the employee and business. 
  5. TopSource Global Solutions: Located in Jaipur the platform is specifically focused on payroll services. It caters to several clients through its verified tech-enabled software that helps in remote working for the HR team from any part of the country. The calculations and payout initiations can automatically be done through this platform. The platform also helps in leave management, attendance tracking, and HR Data tracking services for its clients.

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