40% Salary Hike For Indian IT Employees With These Skills: Heavy Demand For Skilled IT Staff!

40% Salary Hike For Indian IT Employees With These Skills: Heavy Demand For Skilled IT Staff!
40% Salary Hike For Indian IT Employees With These Skills: Heavy Demand For Skilled IT Staff!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had detrimental effects on the hiring trends in the country. A report has revealed that there is an increased demand for skilled talent.

Which skills are IT companies looking for? Read on to find out!

COVID-19 Pandemic Effects On Industries’ Hiring Trends

A report by the name ‘RGF International Recruitment’s Salary Watch 2021: India’, drafted by RGF Professional Recruitment, a Gurgaon-based human resource consulting firm, has confirmed that there is an “accelerated demand” for skilled talent. 

This report offers a comprehensive analysis of the data collected on the salary of more than 19000 respondents in India. It also includes projections and benchmarks that will help employers and employees which will help them make informed decisions on compensation.

The report states that the detrimental effects of COVID-19 affected the corporate sector in India. Executives from human resources, finance, and admin also recorded a sharp decline in their salaries.

As per the reports, there is a boost in demand for employees with talent in regulatory affairs (increments up to 8%), medical areas (7%), and production & operations (7%) when it comes to healthcare services and pharmaceutical production.

Senior Personnel To Get Increased Increments

The report also states that senior personnel and R&D talent in industries will be observing increased increments (7%). This confirms the need of industries for experienced professionals with overall direction in this time of change. 

Sachin Kulshrestha, Managing Director, RGF Professional Recruitment India said, “Hiring the right talent will play a crucial role in India’s ability to not only tackle the current challenges of the pandemic, but also recover from them for the longer term.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has also resulted in many businesses across multiple industries having to redesign digital strategies to cope with the particularly difficult current conditions.

Multiple companies, such as fintech, health tech, and e-commerce, are undergoing digital transformation in order to introduce some services that are the need of the hour, such as payments, medicines, and groceries.

Additionally, the report also states that all the talented employees in roles such as software development, artificial intelligence, robotics and data science will be expected to command some of the highest  salaries in the region. High as much as between ?50 and 80 lakh per annum. Also, if they try to switch their jobs, the salary increments they will get are up to 40%

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