Mumbai Local Still Banned For General Public; Only These Passengers Allowed

Mumbai Local Still Banned For General Public; Only These Passengers Allowed
Mumbai Local Still Banned For General Public; Only These Passengers Allowed

While the state of Maharashtra starts the unlock process gradually, the Mumbai Locals will probably not be resuming operations any time soon.

As per the fresh guidelines issued by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the local trains will be resuming operations only for a few specific categories of people.

Read on to find out all the details!

Mumbai Locals Will Not Resume Operations Yet; Only These Passengers Allowed

Recently, there was news that the associations of suburban train commuters asking the government to resume the operations of the Mumbai locals as soon as possible. The Mumbai locals have not been operating since April 15, when the second lockdown started. 

The passenger associations also met up with the officials of the Central Railway recently, and have asked for an increase in the safety measures for women passengers. They also asked the railway authorities to resume operations of the local trains for the general public.

More than three million passengers travel by local trains on both the Central and Western Railway on a daily basis.

In a notification issued by the government of Maharashtra, local trains will be operational only for “medical, few essentials and women.” However, civic administrations have been given the authorization to put additional restrictions as and how they see fit. 

Later on, the BMC also deleted the reference of “women” in the latest order. It also stated that the entry in suburban trains will be restricted only for “medical and few essentials.”

Govt. of Maharashtra Announces Gradual Unlock

As we all know, the government of Maharashtra announced a five-level unlocking plan in which the reopening process will begin in the state.

The order for the same is yet to be issued and the extent of unlocking will vary from district to district which in turn shall range from a level 1 to level 5, with level 1 being the one which allows maximum relaxations. 

Officials said that taking into account the Covid-19 positivity rate as well as the medical infrastructure of the districts, the five-level unlocking plan has been prepared. While the district of Thane, like 18 other districts, falls in the level one, the city of Mumbai is in level two.

These 18 districts are likely to see a complete unlocking from June 4.

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