Tesla Launch In India: Elon Musk Starts Hiring Senior Employees In India For These Roles

As Tesla plans to enter into one of the world’s biggest emerging car markets, recruitment of for leadership and senior level roles in India has been started by the EV leader.

Senior Employees Being Hired By Tesla

A person, revealed under the condition of anonymity that Tesla is currently recruiting for positions including a head of sales and marketing, and a head of human resources.

A senior legal counsel has also been brought on board according to a Tesla fan club tweeted last week.

The automaker is in talks with several Indian states to open an office, showrooms, a research and development center and most possibly a factory.

Prashanth Menon was elevated to country CEO, after being with Tesla for around four years.

Various Tax Benefits & Manufacturing Incentive

The company is looking forward to the changes in the country’s goods-and-sales tax as that may reduce the cost of owning an electric car. Hence, before making a real push into the country, the automaker is looking forward to further incentives.

In order to incentivise world’s biggest brands to make their products in India and export to the world, production linked incentives are given and they shall rise each year.

In order to boost battery storage capacity to 50 gigawatt hours, India’s cabinet also approved a 181 billion rupee ($2.5 billion) plan.

Tesla already dominates sales of premium EVs in China, after setting up its first factory outside of the U.S. in Shanghai. However unlike China, welcome mat hasn’t been rolled out by India and hence the foray of Tesla might prove challenging. Compared to the 6% of China’s annual car sales, the EV sales in India are less than 1% in India.

Pricey automobiles remain well out of reach of the vast majority of the population, even with the rising earning of middle class. Another roadblock is the lack of charging infrastructure.

Tesla has chosen Karnataka, a southern province and its capital, Bangalore, as its first crop, the country’s prime minister said in February. Tesla did not comment. The driver had been in talks with local authorities for six months and was monitoring a gathering of vehicles in the vicinity of Bangalore, said some people familiar with the matter at the time.

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