Google & Reliance Jio Join Forces For Launching Low-Cost Smartphones In India!

Google is working closely with partner Jio on the initiative of building an affordable smartphone and that work is underway on the project said Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Thursday.

Jointly Developing Low Cost Smartphones

In addition to a commercial agreement with Jio Platforms to jointly develop an entry-level, affordable smartphone, a 7.7 per cent stake has been acquired by Google in Jio Platforms for Rs 33,737 crore.

Including possible launch date and pricing, other details were not divulged. However, Pichai said that they are committed to build affordable phones.

A plan to invest Rs 75,000 crore (USD 10 billion) as a part of ‘Google for India Digitisation Fund’ was announced last year. This fund intends to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in the country in the coming five to seven years.

Pichai added that new opportunities to deploy funds from its USD 10 billion India Digitisation Fund (IDF) are being worked on by Google.

Pichai emphasized that the pandemic has highlighted the importance technology plays in people’s lives.

Importance Of Technology, Other Announcements & Ethical Use of AI

We understand the importance of gaming technology, and it could be to build products like Google Meets or work to ensure that all of this works well on their networks (telecommunications operators), and to bring affordable access to smartphones and computers, only strengthened our efforts there, ”he said.

The Indian-born official also spoke of some of the announcements made earlier this month at its grand I / O 2021 event. its during the year.

Commenting on the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in technology, Fotoi said it was still early days and that the company was approaching the issue by being transparent, sharing and publishing research, and highlighting AI principles among other ways.

“Over time, we will have to find the right AI regulations, which encourage innovation, but equate them with a responsible look… We must not forget the benefits that AI will bring, just as technology has always brought great benefits and hard work what we have to do around the world, ”he said.

Photosi added that Google aims to be a “responsible partner” and a thought leader in this area. “We are all investing in privacy, I think we all need to improve practices across the industry, and we are working to do that on the web and on mobile. We need to meet the expectations of users”, he said.

Photosi noted that there is premium (paid) content and free ad-supported content, and that everything is available to users. “We just need to provide users with the tools and controls, choices and new strategies we use to maintain their privacy,” he added.

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