3 Red Ticks On WhatsApp Means Govt Recording Your Calls, Messages? What’s The Truth?

There are claims, according to a viral message which says that the government can take action against two blue ticks, and one red tick, whereas three red ticks means court proceedings have been started by the government against you. A similar three red ticks message was debunked last year, after going viral.

Truth Behind 3 Red Ticks

The message claims ofa traceability clause which has been introduced by Whatsapp as a part of new communication rules and is being shared at a time when the Facebook-owned app has gone to court over the government of India’s new IT rules.

Users should note that WhatsApp remains private, which implies that no third-party, be it Facebook or WhatsApp or even the government can read your messages. However, the traceability rules are being challenged.

The ‘forwarded many times label’ viral message says that all calls will be recorded and social media accounts will also be monitored post the implementation of the new rules.

According to it, a user might get arrested in case a user shares a negative message against the government or on a religious issue. However, it should be noted that all such claims are fake and also that the message should not be forwarded by users.

According to the claims, your devices will get “connected to the ministry system”, and hence Facebook-owned company has implemented a new tick system which shall allow users to find out if the messages they are sending are being checked by the government.

No Three Ticks

Kindly note that there are no three red or blue ticks as of now as anything of the sort has not been implemented under any new communication rules.

Currently, there are only following ticks:

  • Single tick meaning the message has been sent
  • Two ticks meaning the message has been delivered
  • Two blue ticks meaning the message has been read

Other fake messages in circulation claimed that according to the new rule, players like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram can use your images, messages, files, and other information for their personal gain. However, as they are fake, it has been advised to the users to not forward them.

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