Google Maps India Will Help You Locate 23,000 Vaccine Centres, Oxygen Beds, Isolation Centers & More

To help our nation overcome the epidemic, which also occurs in the world’s second largest internet market, Google is turning its services to  tools.

To help you find not only vaccine centers but also other useful information to navigate this problem, many updates have been released by Google to increase authoritative and reliable information about coronavirus. These updates are delivered through its search services, maps, YouTube and Google Pay.

For over a year now, Google Search has been providing updates on the virus. It also now features information panels detailing the registration of a vaccine in India. In addition to this, it also highlights the Indian government official website of the top vaccine.

Google Helps to Find Test Centers, Vaccination Centers

Search and maps showing 2 500 testing centers in India now similarly show more than 23,000 vaccine centers nationwide in English and eight Indian languages. The company said it was working with the Indian Department of Health and Family Welfare to obtain the information.

Google, which identifies India as its largest consumer market, also explores the Q&A function of Google Maps in India to enable people to ask and share local information on the availability of medical beds and oxygen in selected areas of the country.

A new release comes as India reports more than 350,000 diseases and more than 3,500 deaths each day. The national health care infrastructure has a problem serving patients, as it has run out of beds and medical supplies. On May 1, India opened a vaccine for those between the ages of 18 and 45, leaving people confused as it was difficult to register on a government website and get the appointment of a vaccine dose.

However, overcoming the corona is as difficult as climbing a mountain and it is not an easy task. With the same knowledge, many firms, startups, entrepreneurs and investors have come up to fill this gap. With human trafficking aligning, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp have become real-time cables.

Google Goes “Many” Extra Miles

Google says it also uses its various channels to help expand access to health information campaigns in India. This includes the ‘Find the Facts’ campaign around the vaccine, to encourage people to focus on authoritative information and content content. We also review important security messages with promotions on the Google homepage, doodles and reminders within our apps and services, ”she wrote in a post.

A collection of playlists with authorized information about the vaccine, the spread of the virus and the facts from the experts provided by Google. In addition, the COVID Aid campaign on Google Pay to empower users to donate to non-profit organizations such as GiveIndia, Charities Aid Foundation, Goonj, Save the Children, Seeds, UNICEF India ( National NGOs) and the United Way have also been used. .

The company said a similar fundraising campaign has raised more than $ 4.6 million.

The blog post of COVID’s response team at Google India reads, “As India fights this devastating wave, we will continue to do our best to support the people and organizations committed to the first response. There is still much to be done – but if we stand together, work together, we can and we will change the situation ”.

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