Billions Of Google Users Will Automatically Shift To 2-Step Verification: How Will It Work?

Google has added a feature of two-step verification (2SV), adding a a layer of safety for Google account users, enhancing security for its users by providing a wide choice of features.

How Will 2SV Work?

So far, this security feature is optional and users can sign up to set up their account settings. Google has announced that it will soon be enrolling all users with a 2-step verification feature.

It says this will be another way for the user account to verify that the account holder is trying to sign in. In an official blog post, Mark Risher, Google’s Director of Product Management, Ownership and Security, said, “One of the best ways to protect your account from a broken or bad password is to have a second way of verifying your location – another way your account verifies you are logged in login. “

The company has confirmed that it will now automatically start enrolling users in 2SV if their accounts are properly configured. If the user wants to check the status of his account, he can do so using Security Tests. According to Risher, using a cell phone login gives people a more secure and secure experience than passwords alone.

Apart from this, Google also builds advanced security technologies on devices to make this authentication more seamless and more secure than passwords.

Other Efforts In Improving User Security

As another way to improve user security, Google has made an ‘advance announcement’ about the upcoming security component on Google Play which says it will help people understand the data the app collects or shares, if that data is secure, and additional details affect privacy and security. The new feature aims to provide more control over the user in addition to his data. This announcement follows Apple’s update to iOS 14.5 which also introduces a new security feature where apps will need to request permission to track user activity.

New policy requirements from Google will be shared with app developers in the third quarter of this year and developers can begin publishing information on the Google Play Console in Q4 2021.

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